Adrian Peterson Could Be Blocked From Seeing Son After Abuse Allegations

Adrian Peterson might be kept from the 4-year-old son he is accused of abusing after authorities in Minnesota filed a petition seeking a protective order.

The petition came from Hennepin County Human Services, which asked a judge to prevent Adrian Peterson from having unauthorized or unsupervised access to the boy. The petition also asks the judge to block Peterson from using physical discipline and would require the Minnesota Vikings star to complete a parenting assessment.

The move comes exactly one week after authorities in Texas released an indictment for Peterson for allegedly striking his 4-year-old son on the legs and backside with a wooden switch in May. Peterson was dropped from the Vikings active roster for last Sunday's game, and after briefly being allowed back on the team, he was again de-activated after new allegations of child abuse emerged with another child.

The petition described the extent of the boy's injuries, which were still visible several days later, and said Peterson admitted to doing it.

The petition also described Peterson's interviews with Texas child protection investigators, including: "Respondent Peterson admitted that Child No. 1 received two spankings as a form of physical discipline, one with a belt and one with a switch."

Adrian Peterson said he was willing to take whatever steps necessary to see his children again.

"This petition reflects that a conscientious government agency wants to work with the parent to protect a child and to ensure that alternative methods of discipline are adopted," Rusty Hardin, Peterson's attorney, said in a statement.

"Adrian is very willing to continue cooperating with authorities in every way in order for them to conclude he is a good parent. The facts stated in the petition have been known to investigators from the beginning. They will be carefully considered in a courtroom by a judge and jury. We look forward to that day."

While Peterson's contact with his children remains uncertain, police are investigating another aspect of the case. According to the Houston Chronicle, police are looking into who leaked the photos of the injuries to Adrian Peterson's son.

Adrian Peterson still does not know what his NFL future holds, either. He will not be playing for the Vikings for the foreseeable future, but sources say the team does not plan to cut him.

[Image via Forbes]