South Korea Cracks Down On Students Who Study Too Much

South Korea’s government is cracking down on the truly horrible practice of studying. Government officials are attempting to limit the number of hours their citizen’s can hire costly tutoring agencies known as hagwons.

Hagwons are often hired by South Korea’s richest families in order to give their children an unfair advantage in a society that prides themselves on being about full equality to everyone.

According to a South Korean activist:

“Students are supposed to sleep and take care of themselves instead of spending so many hours studying after school.”

Because of their success tens of thousands of hagwons have spread across the country costing parents upwards of $1,000 per month in tutoring fees so their children can compete against other students.

Under the governments new restrictions tutors are now given curfews and price limitations have also been put into place. To catch agencies that refuse to follow the rules a group of ‘hagparazzi’ have been hired by the government to infiltrate the groups and capture their “illegal over-educating” by using hidden recording devices.

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