Benjamin Franklin Stars In ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Second Season Premiere Sept. 22

The second season of Sleepy Hollow begins on Monday, September 22 on Fox at 9 p.m. ET, and brings Benjamin Franklin into the fold for some exciting new episode plots. According to E! Online, the show is planning on some “twists” that deviate from the historical accounts of Franklin by making the Founding Father Ichabod Crane’s former mentor. Sleepy Hollow promises to share some “shocking” stories about Benjamin Franklin. Actor Timothy Busfield is set to play the part, which involves a “signature crazy twist on the infamous story of Franklin’s kite,” as well as other surprising stories.

USA Today reveals that the “historical fantasy” of Sleepy Hollow takes place near Cape Fear River in North Carolina, with several historically significant sites as the backdrop for the show’s filming. Sleepy Hollow became a surprise hit last fall, led by executive producer Mark Goffman. The first season’s finale involved Irving trying to save his daughter’s life by confessing to murder.

Although the show has some intensely dark themes, like evil and death, the show is meant to have a humorous spin to it, too. The actors agree that the script provides for witty banter and engaging dialogue amidst the mysterious plots. With the character of Benjamin Franklin being added to the mix, Sleepy Hollow is sure to have some great moments.

The Inquisitr recently reported on Sleepy Hollow’s PR team and their apology after using the “Headless Day” hashtag to promote the new season premiere after the beheading of American journalists by ISIS. The terrorists released the graphic videos at the same time that the show’s PR team had launched its “Headless Day” campaign on social media. Noting the awful coincidence, the PR team immediately rectified the situation and apologized.

Before the Sleepy Hollow series premiered, it was predicted to “crash and burn,” according to However, interesting plots, clever acting, and socially sensitive PR have created a successful combination for Sleepy Hollow. It has been nine months since fans have been able to get their fill of Tom Mison.

Calgary Herald notes that Sleepy Hollow was the hit TV series of Fox’s shows, and ranked second in the “overall new U.S. drama.” The new season will not only feature twists on the life and history of Benjamin Franklin, but it will also extend from 13 episodes to 18 episodes this fall. Mison mentioned that he “went home and decided to use this time to prepare for the next 18 episodes.”

[Image courtesy of James Dimmock/FOX]