JetBlue Emergency Landing Caught On Video: See Terrifying Moments On Flight 1416

Video of JetBlue’s emergency landing has been posted on YouTube by one passenger who was calm enough to film the cabin filling with smoke and the plane’s successful landing. According to BuzzFeed, a man on board the flight that was headed to Austin, Texas, from Long Beach Airport decided to record some of the terrifying moments that occurred after one of the engines on the plane stopped working (some say it caught on fire, others say it exploded, but the captain can be heard saying that they had a “right engine failure”).

As you can see from the video above, passengers on the plane sat wearing their oxygen masks. Many people were taking photos and videos, and most people remained relatively calm during the in-flight emergency. In fact, some people were even seen smiling — like the guy who took the videos that have just about gone viral on the web.

Another account of the frightening flight came from someone you might know. According to TMZ, there was one celebrity on board the aircraft, and that was actor Jackson Rathbone, who you might know from the Twilight Saga. After he was safely on the ground and off the smoke-filled plane, Rathbone took photos and uploaded them to Instagram.

“The doors were thrown open, once on the Tarmac. The stewardesses yelled for us to get out and as far away from the airplane as possible,” Rathbone captioned one of his photos. “Over the PA, the pilot yelled ‘Brace!’ The stewardesses made it into a chant. I wrapped my arm around us. And we braced.”

The JetBlue plane was able to land safely. In a second video, posted by YouTube user Scott Welch, you can see the plane landing back at Long Beach Airport (the plane was only about 15 minutes into the flight when the right engine malfunctioned). The plane didn’t do anything out of the ordinary as it landed, and people on board began cheering, happy to be back on the ground. The flight crew cautioned people about getting out of their seats until it was completely safe. Passengers exited the plane using the slides, and ended up right on the tarmac. They were asked to move as far away from the plane as possible, and were taken to the main airport on buses.

Out of the 142 people (not including five crew members) on board, only four needed medical attention after getting off the plane. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, several photos were posted on social media by other passengers on board the flight, all of whom are happy that the pilot was able to keep them safe.

[Photo courtesy of KTLA / Twitter]

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