Chinese Man ‘Rents’ His Girlfriend Out For $1 An Hour In Desperate Bid To Raise Money For iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 has finally landed and as is customary with Apple products, it has been greeted with the sort of fevered religious zeal and mass mania one would expect to find at the second coming.

The iPhone 6 may not mean a lot to many, but to others, the iPhone 6 is a device which dreams are made off.

Yet the dream turned into something of a nightmare for the unlucky girlfriend of a Chinese ‘Apple-head’ who was so determined to get his grasping and sweaty hands on an iPhone 6 he offered to ‘rent’ his romantic interest out to other men so he could raise the necessary funds to live the dream.

Doesn’t exactly sound like a dream date or the perfect boyfriend does he? But 25-year-old Wei Chu didn’t hesitate to ‘rent’ his lady love out like a used car all in the name of consumer satisfaction and craven materialistic greed.

The Daily Mail reports that Wei, stood outside Songjiang University, Shanghai holding a ‘Girlfriend Sharing’ advertising board earlier this week. The sign encouraged any interested parties to log on to a nearby wifi network and check out tasteful images of the love of his life online.

The sign has since been picked up by Chinese social media, which is good news for the iPhone 6 obsessive, because there are now potentially million of ‘renters’ queuing up online to hire his 21-year-old girlfriend, Xiao Ai.

And before you get the wrong idea, although his significant other can be rented for $1 an hour, the cheap shot insists that no ‘funny business’ can take place on the date, and suggests that it should revolve around dinner or studying.

His placard read, “Service items include but are not restricted to: eating together, studying together, saving seats (in libraries/classrooms), three-person dates. Fees generated during dates should be split.”

Aware of how a successful entrepreneur has to constantly adapt to meet market demands, the man who seemingly worships the iPhone 6 like a god, realizes that potential punters may wish to spend varying lengths online with his ‘princess, and anyone interested in renting Xiao has a range of pricing categories to choose from: $1 an hour, $5 per day and $50 per month.

According to posters on Weibo, he claimed his girlfriend was a willing participant in the scheme, which was advertised online under the slogan: ‘Sharing girlfriend for pocket money.’

Any interested men, or presumably women, wishing to spend some quality time with the iPhone 6 fanatic’s partner were given a short biography of Xiao’s vital stats including details on her height, weight and hobbies.

Wei Chu’s unorthodox attempts to secure an iPhone 6 is the latest in a long line of desperate, depressing, and disturbing attempts by Apple addicts to get their hands on the company’s latest merchandise.

According to the International Business Times, earlier this week, a Saudi Arabian man asked his future brother-in-law for an iPhone 6 as a dowry for marrying his sister.

And following the launch of the iPhone 5 last year, a Chinese couple were charged with human trafficking after confessing to selling three of their newborn babies for £8,000 in order to pay for an iPhone and other luxury items.

Hear that noise? It’s Steve jobs turning in his grave.

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