U.S. Senate Candidate Robert Ransdell’s Campaign: ‘With Jews We Lose’

Antisemitism in America has become very common over the last few months, primarily because of the war in Gaza. The Inquisitr has reported prime examples of people’s stance against the Jewish people with demonstrations in London, Chicago, and even Washington D.C. Pro-Palestinian supporters once projected the Palestinian flag on British Parliament, and four students during a Student Senate were arrested for supporting Israel.

Now political runners are blatantly using antisemitism for their campaigns as U.S. Senate candidate Robert Ransdell’s new campaign sign is getting a lot of heat because it reads “With Jews, We Lose.”

According to WLWT, Robert Ransdell is a write-in candidate for the U.S. Kentucky Senate who is simply running to spread his slogan, “With Jews, We Lose.” The source reports that Ransdell knows he cannot win against Republican Mitch McConnell or Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes. However, the fact that he placed 20 of his “With Jews, We Lose” signs along U.S. 25 and Mount Zion Road in Florence, and wants to add 200 more in the coming weeks, may show his true intention. One of the drivers who spotted the sign — going simply by her first name Drea for privacy — stated it took her off guard when she saw it.

“It’s ignorance. Complete ignorance and hate. I could drive by it and act like oh whatever, it’s just some idiot but when does one idiot become 20?”

Apparently, WLWT checked to see if the signs were legal and, by their standards, it might not be. Kentucky statutes states that political signs require the worlds “paid for by” followed by the name and address of the responsible person or party. In this case, there is no address shown, which may or may not be an issue.

The Huffington Post also followed up on the news in which a white supremacist website said that Robert Ransdell plans to to air ads on a public radio station. As for his candidacy for Senate, he will not appear on the ballot in November alongside the major candidates, which were mentioned earlier in this article, and libertarian David Patterson. However, because he filed as a write-in candidate, country clerks are required to tally any votes for him if they appear on the ballot.

What do you think about Robert Ransdell using the Senate candidacy to spread his message of antisemitism? Is he ignorant and hateful? Does he have a right to his own opinion and express it by using the ballot? Since his address is missing on the signs, do you think he is breaking Kentucky statutes? Please let us know in the comments below.

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