Did Miley Cyrus Finally Go Too Far? Singer Offends Mexican Government [Video]

Miley Cyrus’s just can’t seem to keep her butt out of trouble. Did she finally go too far? The Mexican government thinks so, and they are not amused.

Mexican government officials are seeking prosecution after Cyrus desecrated the Mexican flag at a concert Tuesday. The TMZ video below shows what officials are so upset about: One of Miley’s dancers rubbing the national flag on her big ‘ole fake butt as she twerks, then spanking her with it.

Miley pulled the stunt on stage — on Mexican Independence Day, no less — in Monterrey, Neuvo Leon, Mexico.

According to NBC News, Mexican authorities don’t mess around when it comes to disrespecting their national symbols; Cyrus and her dancers could be facing jail time or a fine for their actions. A local government official, Francisco Treviño, said that the Nuevo Leon state legislature had approved a warrant for the Interior Ministry to enforce the law on use of the flag.

“I felt truly offended and annoyed by the fact that a foreign artist feels like she can come here and make fun of and mock our national flag on Independence Day, September 16th. She brazenly made fun of our flag,” Treviño said.

“It’s important to notice that in her second concert Wednesday (also in Monterrey) she didn’t desecrate the flag. There were several flags on display at the concert venue, but their use was appropriate. I hope this incident serves to get the message out that we Mexicans don’t like it when our flag is made fun of,” Treviño said.

According to Q13 Fox TV, Cyrus has managed to offend another Latin American country before she even performed there; regulators of public events in the Dominican Republic canceled her scheduled September 13 concert on morality grounds.

Miley won’t be the first celebrity Mexican officials have gone after for desecrating their flag. Singer Paulina Rubio was fined $4,000 in 2008 for posing nude while wrapped in the country’s flag.

The 21-year-old Cyrus is well-known for her outrageous acts designed to shock — with her open admission to drug use, raunchy behavior, and profanity filled interviews, as well as her bedazzled sex-toy and drug artwork reported in this Inquisitr article. This time, though, she may be the one in for a shock.

What do you think? Did Miley go to far?

Photo courtesy of CDN3 News