Roger Goodell’s Wife Jane Skinner Has Been An Advocate For Women’s Equality In The Past

Roger Goodell’s wife, Jane Skinner, stepped away from the television spotlight in 2010 to focus on her family, but in light of Goodell and the NFL’s troubles related to domestic abuse, her past advocacy for women and families is coming back to light.

Skinner served as an anchor on Fox News, where she was part of the midday programming. In 2010, she resigned as the host of Happening Now, citing a need to be there for Goodell and their young twins.

“My life in the 12 years I have been here has changed significantly in wonderful ways and they’ve created a lot of new responsibilities. I added a husband [Roger Goodell] who has in the last couple of years become the NFL commissioner, and has a job even busier than mine,” Skinner said in announcing her departure from Fox News. “I have twin daughters, so to do justice to this new life I’ve decided to take a break from the business.”

Though she is now gone from television, Jane Skinner’s words are finding new life thanks to the NFL’s difficulties. Roger Goodell has faced criticism for being too light on domestic violence issues, including a two-game ban on Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice for a fight with his then-fiancee Janay Palmer.

When new video emerged showing Rice knocking Palmer unconscious, the already widespread criticism of Roger Goodell grew even more. Another spate of recent arrests for domestic issues — including star Vikings running back Adrian Peterson for allegedly beating his young son — have only magnified the issue.

In the past, Roger Goodell’s wife has spoken up about women’s issues, praising the equality of the media industry

“Just click around the TV set: you will see female broadcasters outnumbering the males on many channels,” she told Butterfly, a site for working mothers. “Women have proved themselves.”

Roger Goodell’s wife added that the news business is tough for people with families, saying there are “strange hours and you must be available when a big story breaks.”

In a particularly prescient response, Jane Skinner added that particularly heart-wrenching stories were difficult to cover because she always identified with family members in pain.

“The hardest part is interviewing the family members, because you just want to take their pain away,” she said in the 2009 interview. “On a positive note, quite often the media attention helps investigators gather tips and find those responsible for the crimes.”

Roger Goodell’s wife Jane Skinner has not offered any comment on the recent domestic violence issues plaguing the NFL, however her past advocacy may reveal her position.

[Image via Fox News screenshot]