Justin Bieber Cooks, Brings Sunflowers For Selena Gomez On Domestic Bliss Date

After Selena Gomez’s look of love moment with Justin Bieber during their recent bowling date, amid reports of “kissing and flirting,” who would have thought Jelena could get any cuter?

Then, they did. The lovebirds starred in their very own domestic bliss video, and basically maxed out the cute.

On Thursday, Justin set the scene for a visit to see his girl by posting two Instagram pics in real time.

The first snap, captioned “Sunflowers,” showed the “All That Matters” singer’s tattooed arm next to a sunflower from inside what appeared to be a dark vehicle. In the second, the 20-year-old’s face still wasn’t visible, but the Biebs had clearly arrived at his destination.

Standing outside a wooden front door, carrying a bunch of huge sunflowers.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

(Photo via Instagram: The Biebs arrives for a cooking date with SelGo on Sept. 18).

Were they for Selena? Does she like sunflowers? How swanky did that wooden front door look? Was it Selena’s? OMG! Was this an actual Jelena date unfolding before millions of virtual eyes? These were the questions that immediately sprang to mind.

And Justin Bieber answered every single one with an Instagram video, captioned “Lol chef bieber,” that may just go on to set a new “Liked” record.

“As you can see, I am cooking organic chicken breasts,” the Canadian singer said, in the style of an English celebrity chef as the clip opened on a kitchen.

In the background, a sudden peal of female laughter (later revealed to be Selena), showed the evidently fun-filled, familiar ease between the two, who now seem publicly comfortable with their love — albeit in a 15-second burst.

“You gotta chop it up, chop it up,” Justin intoned, while slicing broccoli as if he was splitting the atom. Numerous bowls of goodies surrounded the singer including peppers, tomatoes and other healthy foods.

More hamming followed as he held a knife to the camera and mock-growled “I know what I’m doing,” before doing that totally male thing of ordering Selena to “Hey, step away from the stove.”

Stove? The 1950’s is calling, Biebs.

Justin Bieber Chopping

Selena laughed as she obeyed her boyfriend’s non-serious command, just as the surprise window into the world of Jelena suddenly timed out.

The loved-up video comes after news of Justin and Selena’s date at Lucky Strike in L.A. on Sunday, to celebrate the birthday of a pal. The day before the couple took their love to Las Vegas for the “Money” Vs. Maidana rematch.

According to reports, the sweethearts stayed in a luxe three-bedroom penthouse suite at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at the Hard Rock Hotel

(Photo: Jelena strolling around the Hard Rock Hotel, Sept. 13.)

The weekend follows the pair’s – nearly – incident free romantic getaway in Justin’s native Canada last month where they were seen displaying PDA, after dates throughout August.

With Justin’s Instagram unfollowing of previous fling Yovanna Ventura on Wednesday and Jelena’s cute-as cooking date, it looks like the famously on-off couple have finally worked out what they want: each other.

Maybe talk of Bieber and Gomez moving in together isn’t far off after all?

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Loved Up At Lucky Strike Bowling Date

(Photo: Selena Gomez gives Justin Bieber a look of love during their reportedly loved-up bowling date in L.A. on Sept. 14, to celebrate the 20th birthday of the Biebs’ childhood pal, Ryan Butler.)