Justin Bieber And His Returned ‘Stache Are Aware Of Your Hate And Not Fussed

Justin Bieber’s ‘stache is back.

And, before the gnashing begins, young Canada has five words for you, fans and anyone else who may feel aggrieved about its return.

“I’ll shave it calm down,” the 20-year-old singer tweeted on Friday, while linking to a snap of his ‘stache taken on the new iPhone 6 Plus he was hooked up with.

It seems Bieber’s message to the “haters” (to use the kids’ parlance), is: “I am Zen to your hate.”

Which – if your name is Justin Bieber – is probably the wisest sanity-preserving attitude to have in the current anti-Bieber climate.

No doubt, the “Confident” singer has heard all the names hurled at his mustache, starting with the least offensive – MTV’s “dirty Stache,” Us Weekly’s “wispy hairs” and Heatworld’s “nauseating facial slug look” to cite just three.

Justin bieber's 'Stache

I’ll shave it calm down.

It was only last month the pop star (virtually) invited millions to watch him shave off his last sparse, spurt of facial hair.

“Should I do it?” Justin asked at the time in an Instagram video, showing him and a pal in a bathroom with a razor at the ready. After smothering his face with shaving cream, El Biebs introduced a little theater and whispered to-camera “R.I.P ‘stache” just before the deed.

Thousands of fans left joyous comments at the Instagram post, mostly “Yes!” and “Finally!” And it was thought that was the end of it.

But on Friday, evidence of the ‘Stache’s return couldn’t be denied as Bieber posted shot…

Thanks @ATT for hooking me up with a new phone. You guys are awesome

After shot…

@kingbach – guitar lessons ur supposed to be here Bach wtf

After shot, of his gossamer growth, on his iPhone 6 Plus.

Later that Friday, it was revealed Justin and Australian teen star Simpson were shooting “Day 1” of a music video.

It’s directed by the legendary Wayne Isham. [Note: details of his amazing credits under the highlight.]

The U.K.’s Mirror claims the video will include scenes with David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff, and it’s likely the video will promote the reportedly imminent first single from Justin and Cody’s upcoming duets album.

Young Cody in the game.

The set of the music video provided the setting for Bieber’s next round of ‘stache snaps.

Another with Simpson.

Day 1.

And as Day 2 of the music video kicked off on Saturday, the ‘stache could still be seen.

But, like Bieber says, let’s all “calm down,” shall we?

He’ll shave it off when he wants to. Or, possibly when he’s done laughing at a news cycle wasting time and energy ranting about what amounts to a minor matter of personal choice.

Whichever comes first.

[Images via Justin Bieber Shots/ Instagram/ Twitter.]