Former Navy SEAL Details Why President Barack Obama’s ISIS Plans Are Already A Failure

President Barack Obama has been making executive orders as of late when it comes to both the Ebola virus outbreak and ISIS. the Inquisitr reported that Obama made a statement in which he said the United States will degrade and ultimately destroy ISIS in which he approved the training of Syrian rebels to combat the terrorist organization. With the Ebola outbreak, Obama sent 3,000 troops to combat the Ebola virus in Africa.

This all sounds great on perspective because it reports that our President, Barack Obama, is doing something progressive in getting the job done. However, according to former U.S. Navy SEAL Carl Higbie, doesn’t believe so.

According to Daily Caller followed up by Infowars, Carl Higbie sat down with Greta Van Susteran in an interview on the show On The Record. During the show, Higbie dropped an opinion that is very depressing when it comes to our U.S. military’s view of their Commander in Chief. He said that over 90 percent of all troops disapprove of Obama. The answer actually came after Greta Van Susteran started the serious dialogue with a question.

“Effective today, the president? A photo-op? Or something in between?”

What the question means is if Barack Obama’s plans are actually effective or an opportunity for him to look good on camera thus the “photo-op” part of the inquiry. Carl Higbie made it clear that Obama’s policy is a failure and nothing more than a photo-op in which he transitioned into Obama’s plan against Ebola.

“Photo-op. Complete photo-op. This indicative of a global failure of his foreign policy. He has toted that he is behind the troops before he stand in front of these guys, gets a photo-op, everything like that, while saying he’s going to send 3,000 guys to combat Ebola, but I’m not going to send any to combat an actual enemy that’s really threatening America.”

The enemy Carl Higbie is talking about is ISIS which has been reported to now be here in the United States, threatening our way of life. The terrorist organization credits themselves for the attack on Fort Bliss which might have been engaged from El Paso just north of the base.

Greta Van Susteran then asked about Carl Higbie’s time as a Navy SEAL and his training of foreign troops. Higbie answered in which he revealed that neither troop deployment was effective and why.

“We did two deployments. We did one in 2007 and in 2009. We did this foreign international defense over there, and it’s not effective. They don’t have the accountability, and the understanding, and the actual fortitude to fight an enemy like ISIS who’s dedicated. They’re willing to die for this cause.”

By his statement alone, Carl Higbie is saying that Barack Obama’s plan to train Syrian soldiers to fight ISIS will not be effective. Higbie himself did it twice and he believes it wasn’t enough.

What do you think about Carl Higbie’s words? If you’re a military troop, are you part of the estimated 90 percent who doesn’t support Barack Obama or the estimated 10 percent that does? What do you think the ratio of troops should be in combating Ebola to ISIS (in America)? Please let us know in the comments below.

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