ISIS Bans Children From Learning Math And Social Studies

ISIS wants absolutely no learning in school except for the teachings of Islam and has banned math, social studies, and evolution in Syrian schools to achieve this.

ISIS is a Sunni jihadist group in the Middle East that has proclaimed itself as a caliphate. ISIS claims religious authority over Muslims all over the world and strives to bring most of the Muslim world under its political control. It has been prominent in the news for attempting these actions in Iraq and Syria.

ISIS has been in the news recently for the assassinations of two American journalists as well as its illegal activities which earn the group more than $3 million a day. From a recent Inquisitr report, according to a U.S. intelligence official, the group’s resources exceed that of “any other terrorist group in history.” This is largely due to the 11 oil fields ISIS controls in Syria and Iraq regions that the group has taken over. The group is smuggling oil and other goods and making huge profits.

“There’s a lot of money to be made,” said Denise Natali, who worked in Kurdistan as an American aid official and is now a senior research fellow at National Defense University. “The Kurds say they have made an attempt to close it down, but you pay off a border guard you pay off somebody else and you get stuff through.”

ISIS has posted its new educational laws on billboards and street poles and will strictly enforce them. 200 Syrians were killed as a result in one day.

“This is an obligatory announcement, and all violators will be punished,” the letter states.

Teachers are forced to erase the Syrian Arab Republic phase and replace it with the Islamic State. Nationalistic and ethnic ideologies are banned, and books cannot teach evolution. Chemistry and physics laws must be the result of “Allah’s rules and laws.”

“Educators cannot teach nationalistic and ethnic ideology, but instead must instruct students on ‘belonging to Islam… and to denounce infidelity and infidels,'” according to CNN. “Any use of the phrase ‘Syrian Arab Republic,’ the official name of Syria, must also be changed to ‘Islamic State.'”

Besides essential teachings, music, and sports are also banned by ISIS.

World leaders in more than 20 countries met in Paris on September 15 to discuss ISIS and how to defeat its expanding military. President Obama has pledged to “degrade and ultimately destroy” ISIS.

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