Why They Stayed: Top Abusive Relationships That Ended In Death

Abusive relationships and domestic violence are making headlines like never before in light of the recent abuse allegations involving some top athletes, according to USA Today. The topic of abusive relationships is even being discussed in primetime as news outlets shed light on the dangers of domestic violence and abusive relationships. Just today, news of Meredith Vieira’s own struggle with leaving an abusive relationship has everyone talking and exploring, according to The Inquisitr

The #whyistayed and #whyileft hashtags are opening up public discussion of the topic on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

What is troubling is that abusive relationships seem to be on the rise and show no signs of slowing down. Physical abuse often leads to death. Here is a look at the dangers associated with staying in an abusive relationship, and a look at the number of women and men who stayed and later died tragically at the hands of the abuser.

In exploring the topic, a few true story movies come to mind. These stories were so shocking and so compelling that producers and directors decided to bring the tragic stories of these people to the screen.

Abusive relationship #1-whyhestayed

In 1992, abusive fiancee Michele Rogers of Florida stabbed her boyfriend, David A. Richmond, to death. The two had been involved in an abusive relationship. People who knew this couple say that David Richmond was a good man who loved Michele Rogers. Even though David Richmond knew that his fiancee was abusive, he stayed and put up with emotional abuse and physical abuse in the hopes that things would work themselves out. When he vanished, all clues led to Michele. Michele Rogers, whose family helped her cover up his death, was eventually convicted. She is now a free woman. The movie When He Didn’t Come Home is based on this tragic case.

Abusive Relationship #2whyshestayed

In 1984, poor Teresa Taylor was bludgeoned to death by her husband, Kenneth Taylor. Kenneth Taylor was a local dentist who smiled at his patients by day and beat his wife by night. The police investigation revealed that Kenneth Taylor brutally beat his wife to death with a set of barbells. The movie In A Child’s Name is based on this disturbing true story.

Abusive Relationship #3 — whysheleft

In 1982 pretty Dianne Masters disappeared. Her body was discovered almost a year later submerged in a canal. Her body was located in the back of her car. Police say her husband, Attorney Alan Masters, killed her when he discovered that she planned to leave him after years of physical and emotional abuse. Dianne Masters aka Diane Masters stayed with her abusive husband because she loved him, and because he offered her a luxurious and financially comfortable life. She eventually left the relationship after the abuse escalated. Members of the Chicago police force helped Alan Masters cover up the murder. He was eventually caught, arrested and prosecuted. Her true story inspired the movie Deadly Matrimony.

Abusive Relationship #4 — whysheleft

David Guenther was an abusive man by all accounts. He was abusive to everyone, including his neighbors and his wife. After enduring years of beatings, Pamela Guenther eventually left her husband after she found out that he was abusing their child. But, in the back of Pamela’s mind, she knew that one day she would die at the hands of her husband. And one day he made good on that assumption. Pamela was shot to death by David Guenther after he tracked her down at a local restaurant. He was convicted of her murder. Her story inspired the movie When No One Would Listen.

The following true stories and examples of domestic violence are not rare occurrences. Abuse in relationships almost always escalates, and often lead to death.

Several celebrities are bringing awareness to the subject of domestic abuse and domestic violence in relationships, namely Kerry Washington, according to ABC News.

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