WWE News: Very Risqué Storyline Planned Between AJ Lee And Paige

Since Trish Stratus and Lita graced the WWE stage with their exciting in-ring work and the ability to sell to the crowd, the WWE hasn’t keyed in on a women’s feud that brought in the fans. Michelle McCool and Beth Phoenix were excellent in their own right, but something always felt missing.

Besides, nobody can compare to Stratus and Lita in the past 10 years. That was the case, until the WWE put two superb divas together and let them go against one another. With AJ Lee and Paige continuing their excellent feud, WWE is about to hit a gold mine.

For the past few months, Paige and Lee have provided the fans great matches and great microphone work as well. Looking inside their feud, one can assume jealousy enrages Paige or Lee. In the aspect of Paige, she wants everything Lee has accomplished. Lee’s mindset can be sold in one phrase: she doesn’t want her job stolen. Paige is that good and then some. Her promo skills need some work, but they are improving every week.

At least once a week, Paige and Lee engage in a rather risqué moment. Whether is crawling on top of their opponent, or rather a sensual kiss on the Diva’s belt happens. That is clearly on purpose. WrestleZone is reporting that more revealing storylines will take place in the Diva’s division.

“According to PWInsider.com, WWE is planning to tease more sexual tension between Paige and AJ Lee as the story line progresses, and a creative decision was made last week to go forward with that aspect of the angle. While no details have been revealed as to what WWE plans to do with the angle, nothing risque took place on Raw this week or at last night’s Smackdown tapings.”

The report goes on to say that WWE still has a deal with Mattel and promises not to go back to Attitude Era programming. However, instances will happen with more PG-13 storylines, and vulgar language will be used sparingly to create a buzz. No folks, the Attitude Era will not be returning.

It is still a surprise to see Lee in the main event picture because of what took place with CM Punk and the leaked photo. He took his anger out on Twitter for the whole world to see. On top of it all, Punk is suing the WWE due to the stoppage of royalties from his name. Remember, Punk owns his own name, and the WWE can’t use it without proper permission.

Lee still receiving no punishment due to her husband’s anger towards the WWE, which is a bright spot for the company. She has nothing to do with Punk’s situation with them, and she shouldn’t be punished by association. As for Paige and AJ Lee, the risqué plans will help bring the male audience. That is the main demographic, right?

[Image via sportskeeda.com]