ISIS: Teen Girls That Ran Away To Join The Islamic State Now Pregnant

Teen girls that fled Austria to join ISIS are now reportedly pregnant. Samra Kesinovic, 16, and Sabina Seimovic, 15, posted to their social media accounts that they had left Europe and are now living in Syria. Kesinovic was thought to have been killed in during Islamic State combat until reports emerged earlier this week that she was pregnant.

The European teen girls married a pair of ISIS Chechen fighters after arriving in Syria, Central European News reports. Samra Kesinovic and Sasbina Seimovic were photographed holding AK-47s after joining the Islamic State group. After showcasing their support for ISIS on social media, the Austrian media dubbed the pair of teenage girls as the “new face of jihad.”

Both Interpol and the Austrian police are continuing to search for the teen girls who ran away from home to join ISIS. The law enforcement agencies are reportedly monitoring the movements of the girls via their WhatsApp and Facebook accounts. The Austrian teens have also reportedly been issued new names that feature the add-on phrase “umm” which is Arabic for mother.

Samra Kesinovic and Sasbina Seimovic
Samra Kesinovic and Sasbina Seimovic

In spite of the multitude of social media posts, Austrian officials maintain that ISIS militants would have total control over the teen girls and would never allow them to use their social media accounts without supervision. “We have no independent confirmation that either of them are dead or alive, or that either of them are pregnant, although we suspect both are married. At the moment investigations are ongoing,” a representative from the Austrian police told the media.

Teen girls ran away to join ISIS.

Law enforcement officials also feel that ISIS militants are using both Samra Kesinovic and Sasbina Seimovic to recruit other young women to join the Islamic State. Another pair of teen girls was recently caught attempting to sneak out of Austria for the purpose of joining the ISIS jihad. The mother of a third girl who had also planned to join them discovered her daughter’s packed luggage and called police after learning of the plan hatched by the girls. The parents of the two girls who did attempt to leave the country are believed to be from Iraq.

“If we can catch them before the leave, we have the chance to work with their parents and other institutions to bring the youngsters out of the sphere of influence that promoted them to act in this way in the first place,” Austrian Interior Ministry spokesman Alexander Marakovits said.

Government leaders proposed legislation on Monday, which stated that citizens who return to the country be forced to withdraw citizenship if they are known to be fighting with ISIS. In Vienna, a government organization has been created for the purpose of “de-radicalizing” Muslim youth who might be coaxed to follow the ISIS jihad.

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