Battlefield 3 may be coming to Steam after all

Back in July, EA and Valve both confirmed that, due to a disagreement involving DLC, Battlefield 3 would not be making its way to Steam, much to the disappointment of PC gamers. This resulted in a bunch of bizarre, vague back-and-forth between the two companies, with both pointing the finger at the other.

Now, however, it looks like EA and Valve are beginning to work out their differences and, even better, Battlefield 3 just might make it on Steam just in time for its October 25 launch date.

According to an anonymous source who spoke to BF3Blog, EA and Valve are in the late stages of talks to work out their differences regarding DLC, and in all likelihood it will be sorted out before release. The main point of contention EA had, apparently, was that Valve wasn’t willing to allow EA to only sell DLC by way of Origin; if EA was going to put their games on Steam, Valve wanted the DLC to be on the service, too.

Several of EA’s titles were pulled off of Steam, including Crysis 2 and, eventually, Dragon Age 2. Both were pulled for the same reasons that Battlefield 3 wouldn’t be making it to steam: disagreements over DLC. If this anonymous, inside source is to be believed, however, we could be seeing an end to that feud soon.

Source: BF3Blog

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