Dallas Cowboys is America’s Favorite Football Team; Packers to Win Super Bowl (Any Objection?)

For the fifth consecutive year, the Dallas Cowboys is America’s favorite professional football team. The survey by The Harris Poll also revealed that The Pittsburgh Steelers move up from 4th last year to number 2 on the list while the Green Bay Packers remain at number 3. The New England Patriots moved up from 6th to 4th and the Bears from 9th to 5th this year.

The survey also revealed that over half of Americans (55%) say they follow professional football. It may be a slight increase compared to last year’s 53% but this year is the highest following since 1998.

Looking how your team fared in the survey?

The Detroit Lions moved up 11 places on the list from number 30 last year to number 19 this year;

The Miami Dolphins moved up 8 places from a tie for number 21 to number 13;

The Oakland Raiders dropped 8 places, from a tie at number 17 to number 25;

Two teams moved up 7 places each– The Washington Redskins, from number 15 to number 8, and the New York Jets, from number 16 to a tie for number 9; and

Two teams dropped 6 places each– the New Orleans Saints, from number 5 to number 11, and the Arizona Cardinals, from number 11 to a tie at number 17

The survey also asked football fans who they think would win the Super Bowl. A quarter of Americans who follow professional football (24%) believe the Green Bay Packers will win the Super Bowl, while 23% think it will be the New England Patriots.

It is obvious with this survey that football remains one of the favorite sports to follow by Americans. Good thing the season went on despite the initial issue between the player’s union and team owners.

Going back to the survey, did you know that even party lines are evident with people who follow football: Independents at 53%, Democrats at 56% and Republicans at 62%.