David Bowie And Ex-Wife: Ultra Swingers Spun ‘Sexual Cocoons’ For Groupies, Book Claims

A new book by Wendy Leigh claims David Bowie and his first wife, model Mary Angela “Angie” Bowie, had an uber-open relationship and were accomplished swingers who lured their quarry into a bedchamber for their wild romps and sexual escapades.

Leigh’s book, entitled Bowie, is a bio that tells of the singer’s promiscuous lifestyle and David’s ravenous appetite for bisexual encounters in the days of his early musical career. His swinger partner in crime was his first wife, who took pleasure in delivering other willing frees-spirits to her husband to “sow his oats” while she watched.

“I had a wonderfully irresponsible, promiscuous time,” Bowie said in an undated interview.

The Simon & Schuster-published Bowie eBook details the non-stop lascivious action in the “Pit,” a bed in the couple’s home that was 4-foot deep. The custom-made boudoir’s sole purpose was to ensure that partakers would maximize their fantasies during their erotic romps — with plenty of room to boot, according to the publishers unnamed source.

“Everybody f**ked everybody in the pit. Angie and David used to have the most amazing orgies at Oakley St.”

Leigh’s new book mentions how David Bowie was “adept at playing London’s gay elite” and indulged in dizzying erotic acts with men and women on his way to stardom.

“I said he would either be a gigantic star or make a lot of money in the Piccadilly men’s restroom,” the source added.

Perhaps one of the most scandalous parts of the new book is Bowie’s alleged gay love affair with Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger. David and Mick were often inseparable and seen in PDA sessions out in public, according to Radar Online. Moreover, one source claims the Stones frontman developed a deep obsession for the “Suffragette City” singer’s androgynous alter ego, Ziggy Stardust, created in 1972 during the glam era.

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Mick Jaggar and David Bowie (undated photo)

Angie and David wed in 1970 and had their child, Zowie, together. However, even though Bowie added fatherhood to his growing resume, having a child didn’t lessen his desire to partake in same-sex affairs and trysts with other women.

The book tells of a time when the “Space Oddity” singer told a reporter, “I’m gay and always have been.”

Years later, the singer said being gay was only a persona made up by management that he simply “went with.”

Bowie landed on the musical landscape at a time when sexuality, music, and fashion, as well as political and social commentary, were part of a collective consciousness. The musical icon apparently thrived in self-indulgence, and sex was merely a means to an end.

Leigh’s book details how one of Bowie’s male lovers, Tony Zanetta, dished about their time in bed together.

“When we were in bed together, he was more sensual and narcissistic… I don’t think sex mattered to him.”

There are many more similar claims in David Bowie’s biography of the singer and his wife’s cyclical groupie sexual encounters and Bowie’s ramped up libido, allegedly fueled by his cocaine addiction. And if that’s not enough to keep you on the edge of your seat, there’s a claim in the book that David Bowie had trysts with Elizabeth Taylor, Bette Midler, Susan Sarandon, Nina Simone, and others. Oh, joy!

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