Spoilers For ‘Sons Of Anarchy’: Season 7, Episode 2 Brings New Deals, Threats And Plans For Payback

Sons of Anarchy got off to a monster start in the Season 7 premiere and now the show is back with Episode 2 of the final ride. Everybody got a few hints of what will take place in “Toil and Till” after the premiere, but of course, fans want more. What Sons of Anarchy spoilers are available for the September 16 episode?

There is a new sheriff in town, and she is played by actress Annabeth Gish. TV Guide teases an interesting Sons of Anarchy spoiler tidbit about Dep. Sheriff Althea Jarry, however. It seems Jarry will be open to the idea of being friendly with the club, but of course, it will come at a price.

Is it really this simple? Can SAMCRO go back to having a relatively friendly relationship with Charming’s sheriff? It is known that Unser will make it out of that precarious situation with Juice, and he will end up working with Jarry to a degree. Some SOA spoilers and teasers suggest that perhaps Jarry is actually setting up the club, however. One of the previews shows Jarry telling someone that she needs some cooperation, or none of them will walk away whole. That certainly sounds like wording that someone with an agenda would use, but who is she working with and what is she after?

Though Jax Teller spent the past couple of seasons trying to sort through enemies and alliances, it all blows up with Tara’s death and Gemma’s decision to pin it on the Chinese. Sons of Anarchy spoilers tease that Jax will alienate some allies that had been thought to be important and close to SAMCRO. Of course, he is blinded by the desire for vengeance, and he aims to demolish those he sees as the club’s enemies. In “Toil and Till” airing Tuesday, he will try to enlist another club to help finish a job.

In the Season 7 premiere, Gemma lied about who was behind Tara’s murder to keep Jax from picking up on the truth. A tease via the show’s Facebook page indicates that it won’t take long for Gemma’s lies to begin to fall apart. She’s pressuring Juice to stay quiet, but it’s clear from other Sons of Anarchy spoiler previews for the season that Juice is unraveling, and he will try to make some moves that will keep him alive.

According to IMDb, both August Marks and Jury White will be in “Toil and Till” airing Tuesday night. It seems that Jax wants help from Jury and the Devil’s Tribe MC to eliminate the Chinese, perhaps, and Jury seems to think Jax may be going too far on this one. From the looks of the previews, all bets are off when it comes to club alliances, and it will be interesting to see who remains standing in the end.

What else can viewers expect from the Season 7, Episode 2 show of Sons of Anarchy airing Tuesday, September 16? The stage is being set for one heck of a final ride and fans won’t want to miss a minute of it.

[Image via Prashant Gupta/FX]