Man Cooks Ex-Girlfriend’s Dog, Then Feeds It To Her

A California man is in hot water after feeding his ex-girlfriend’s dog to her during a dinner that was meant to patch things up between them. Ryan Watenpaugh has been charged with animal cruelty, stalking, domestic violence, and false imprisonment after the the incident.

The incident began on August 4 after Watenpaugh physically assaulted his ex-girlfriend during an argument at her home. The ex-girlfriend, who has yet to be identified, escaped the situation through the back door, allowing Wantenpaugh an opportunity to calm down. When she returned, he was gone and so was her Pomeranian named Bear. She did not see the dog alive after the event.

After approximately a month, the couple had begun to reconcile their differences and Watenpaugh offered to prepare his ex-girlfriend a nice dinner. She accepted and enjoyed a nice barbecue sandwich with her former boyfriend. Everything seemed to go fine until later in the evening. Watenpaugh began to send his ex-girlfriend some disturbing tweets in regards to the type of meat the barbecue contained.

“How’s your dog taste? I thought it was better with BBQ and those Hawaiian buns.”

The next text read:

“I guess u could bury what u didn’t eat.”

Further texts revealed that he was going to do more with the remaining pieces of the poor pup. On September 9, the ex-girlfriend heard a car pull up outside of her house and arrived at the door just in time to see Watenpaugh dropping off a package at her doorstep. Inside was a note that read, “burn in hell” and two of her beloved Bear’s paws. The furry remnants of her Pomeranian revealed that his texts were more than just a sick joke, he was serious.

She notified the police and they apprehended him the following day during a traffic stop. Surprisingly, he openly admitted to sending the texts, and the paws but denied feeding his ex-girlfriend her dog in the barbecue sandwich or killing it, in the first place. Watenpaugh was arrested and is being held in the Shasta County Jail on a $250,000 bail. At this time, Watenpaugh has not been appointed an attorney.

What sort of penalty do you feel Watenpaugh should face for killing and feeding Bear the Pomeranian to his ex-girlfriend?

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