Rudest Drivers: Survey Determines Which State Has The Worst Of The Worst

The rudest drivers are driving people crazy, and you might be surprised to find out where the rudest of the rude rule the road.

According to MSN, a survey posed to 2,000 drivers nationwide was conducted by The survey was comprised of half women and half men and proportionately representing all states. The rankings of each state were calculated using a simple ratio formula: the votes for drivers from each state divided by the number of respondents from that same state.

There are several things that could make a driver especially rude. Not signaling turns, talking on a cell phone while driving, and driving too fast are common complaints. Flipping people off, weaving in and out of traffic, and not signaling are other popular actions that could get someone labeled as a rude driver.

So which state has the rudest drivers of them all? Most people might have guessed a state with huge cities and traffic jams, but this is not so. The rudest drivers are actually in Idaho, according to The survey states that Arizona drivers hate Idaho drivers the most.

“The roadways of Idaho present a dichotomy of drivers: Those who are moving so slowly that they’re judged to be rude, and the aggressive drivers who speed around them and flip them off.”

If you are still scratching your head over Idaho’s rude driving, you might think that other places on the rudest driving list make more sense.

Rudest Drivers Map
The survey provides a map to show where you are most likely to encounter the rudest drivers in the United States.

Second place for rudest drivers goes to a place that is not much of a surprise for many people. Washington, D.C. driving is competitive, fast, and often reckless. Many drivers compare the rude driving in the area to politics.

One person said, “Driving in D.C. can be compared to the recklessness of our politics: self-serving, abrasive and unsafe.”

The third rudest drivers can be found in New York, followed by Wyoming, Massachusetts, Delaware and Vermont (these two were tied), New Jersey, Nevada, and Utah.

According to USA Today, the survey did not stop at wanting to know where the rudest drivers come from; the survey also wanted to know what state is most judgmental of other drivers.

California drivers complain the most about drivers from other areas. According to the survey, California drivers think New York drivers are the worst of the worst.

Which state or city do you think the rudest drivers are most likely to be driving through?

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