September 16, 2014
Miss Nebraska Flashes Camera, Former Miss America Contestant Defends Megan Swanson

When Miss Nebraska flashed the camera by accident at Miss America 2014, the video was broadcast live on TV and immediately became an embarrassing moment for Megan Swanson.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, people social media immediately began criticizing Miss Nebraska 2014 for the crotch shot, and even Miss America 2014 host Chris Harrison made a lewd joke during the proceedings. But some were offended by how others were insulting Ms. Swanson for the accidental flashing of the camera, and it was said, "Women shaming other women needs to stop."

One of these women is named Natalie McGovern. She is the current reigning Ms. Nebraska United States 2014, and several years ago, she competed in the Miss America pageant at a local level. While she ran into the same age problem as former Miss Delaware Amanda Longacre, McGovern also says that during the national pageant for Ms. United States 2014, she had an embarrassing incident occur that could have been worse than what happened to Megan Swanson if her photo had gone viral.

"During the swimsuit segment of the competition I was backstage taking the perfect selfie. I positioned my camera just right, snapped the shot, and thought, 'I look good in this one. I'm going to post it to Facebook.' I uploaded it to Facebook but, since I had no internet connection where I was in the hotel, did not realize I was receiving an influx of messages and posts concerning the girl in the background. She was undressing, wearing absolutely nothing from the waist on down. We are talking about a full crotch shot in the background of my photo. Thank goodness you could not see her face.

"It was an outrage! Everyone and their brother was texting and messaging me telling me to take the photo down. It was certainly worthy of going viral, although I'm glad it didn't. To make matters worse, I had no WiFi and couldn't take the photo down fast enough. I was so embarrassed that I posted this photo to Facebook without even checking to see what was in the background. I frantically tried to remove the photo because I was only in the preliminary part of the pageant and thought surely I would be disqualified. Immediately, I issued a PSA to Facebook and gave a public apology. I hoped people could move on from it, and I cringe even now as I bring it up and share it with you all."

Writing on her blog, McGovern also has a message for those who are intent on shaming Miss Nebraska for the accidental flashing of the camera.
"For those taking to Twitter and Facebook to shame our Miss Nebraska for not crossing her legs: shame on you! She did not mean to flash your children. She is a Christian role model and would not dare dream of doing something scandalous on national TV. Accidents happen.... Let's not embarrass the poor girl any further. She is amazingly talented, poised, beautiful, and a representative of my state. We don't need to shame such a role model who wasn't even aware she was giving viewers a peak."
What do you think of the reaction to the accidental flashing by Miss Nebraska Megan Swanson at Miss America 2014?