‘Apparently Kid’ Noah Ritter Scores His First TV Commercial [Watch]

Noah Ritter, the “Apparently Kid” with his natural reporter inflection has scored his first big gig — his first TV commercial!

The five-year-old earned the nickname “Apparently Kid,” when a local broadcast went viral after his overuse of the word apparently and his ability to sound and act like a mini news anchor.

Noah’s first professional gig was inevitable. Ritter was made for TV, and we might even be watching him on the nightly news in another 20 years. That said, we weren’t prepared for the cute overload of this TV commercial. The TV commercial is for Freshpet pet food featuring what else but adorable puppies.

Ritter is practically bulldozed by the puppies during the commercial as he sits on the floor and discusses why he loves dogs to much. As expected, Noah’s natural comedic timing comes in immediately, and his adorable quirks are brilliantly showcased in the two minute ad.

“I like dogs better ’cause they like to lick your face,” said Noah as the puppies climbed all over.

“First you have to train them to be a good boy, second, you’re gonna have to play fetch. Apparently Freshpet food is the best food. Apparently now that’s some good food!”

As The Inquisitr reported, Noah Ritter took the time out to speak with ABC World News about how popular he has become. About his news segment that went viral, Ritter admitted that it’s not all that.

“Now it’s on YouTube. I was a little embarrassed, because I said all this stuff about my life.”

Not only is he embarrassed about telling people about his life, but these days he’s going to make sure he’s not overdoing it with the word “apparently,” if he can help it.

“It was great but apparently I was like so embarrassed. I was like that, I was like this embarrassed. Because apparently, oh, now I’m just using the words that I used when I was filmed at the county fair… Seriously, sometimes I always fail, seriously? Sometimes I always fail.”

While the Pennsylvania native seemed shy about his newfound fame at first, Ritter is now soaking up his “Apparently Kid” popularity. Although he did tell Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show that he has moved on to another favorite word — “Seriously.”

[Image via US Weekly]