Mother Of 3 Infants Found Dead In Home Claims She Was Hiding Them From Their Father

The father of the three infants found dead in a Massachusetts home earlier this week allegedly was not aware of their existence. Even more bizarre, the mother claims that he was not aware that two of the living children who were removed from the house by authorities were his either.

Erika Murray was arrested in connection with the deaths of the three infants after they were found hidden in the house she shared with her live-in boyfriend, Ray Rivera. The remains of the infants were found among mounds of the filth and trash Murray’s family was living in – one of the infants was shoved in a closet.

The Inquisitr reported last week that after a neighbor reported the deplorable living conditions of the house, Murray’s four other children were removed from her custody. During an investigation afterward, the remains of the three infants were found. Days later, investigators are still searching through the squalid house, finding several dead animals and “massive insect infestation, mounds of used diapers and feces,” according to the Worchester Count District Attorney’s Office.

According to CNN, Murray’s attorney said that Rivera “presumably” did not know about the dead infants found in the house, at least according to what she told authorities.

Nor did he know that two of Murray’s four living children were his. Fox News reports that Halpern said Murray gave birth to the two youngest living children, and apparently, the three dead infants, in secret because she was afraid to tell Rivera about them after he told her he didn’t want any more children. She then tried to conceal the fact that the children belonged to him by telling him that she was babysitting them.

“It is a mystery to me how Mr. Rivera could have failed to notice (the) numerous pregnancies (of) the woman with whom he shared a bed,” said Halpern. “It’s a mystery to me how he could have failed to realize that there were two children living under the same roof as him, and he didn’t know about it.”

“Try to imagine the kind of fear and sort of loss of control over your life that would lead a woman to give birth to a child alone on the floor of her bathroom,” Halpern said. “That’s what she was going through.”

According to My Fox Boston, Murray mentioned the two older children on her Facebook Page but does not mention the other two. Although the older children are enrolled in school and have all the necessary identifying paperwork, the births of the two younger children are not documented at all.

For now, the four living children are in foster care with another family, who declined to comment at this time.

Photo courtesy of Fox News

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