Lisa Rinna’s Got the Best Bosom on the Red Carpet

Lisa Rinna proclaimed her “tits” to be the reason why we should watch her on the red carpet– where she’ll be hanging out with Joey Fatone as part of the TV Guide Network’s coverage of the Golden Globes, SAG Awards, Grammys, and Oscars this awards season.

Defamer’s exclusive interview provided some great snippets of oddness: apparently Lisa thinks nothing less of herself after her plastic fantastic embarrassments. Some of the best from Defamer:

What do you regret eating recently?

I regret eating the 5 pieces of pepperoni pizza and the 5 pieces of sushi at the buffet restaurant at the Cove in the Bahamas.

Everyone’s sacrificing lately. It’s the hot new trend. What are you sacrificing?

I am sacrificing any form of shopping consumption. I am not buying any clothes, shoes, bags, jeans – you name it. NO SHOPPING. [Ed. note: notice there’s no mention of her favorite purchase, filler.]

Are Richard Simmons legs as buttery as they look on HD?

Yes and more, they are scrumptious!

While we’re at it, will someone explain her appeal right now besides being an original cougar and having an amazing body? Or is that it?

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