Actress Danièle Watts Called Cops Racist For Cuffing Her, But Now A Different Story Emerges

Actress Danièle Watts claimed last week that she was handcuffed and detained by Los Angeles police who racially profiled her, believing she was a prostitute because she was seen kissing her boyfriend, who is white, in public.

The incident took place on Thursday, September 11, outside the CBS television studio in Studio City, a neighborhood in Los Angeles. Watts, best known for her role in the 2012, Quentin Tarantino-directed film Django Unchained, also refused to identify herself to a police officer.

As The Inquisitr previously explained, Watts herself reported the incident on her own Facebook page.

“I was handcuffed and detained by 2 police officers from the Studio City Police Department after refusing to agree that I had done something wrong by showing affection, fully clothed, in a public place,” she wrote.

But on Sunday, a new detail became public that appeared to cast the alleged racial profiling incident in a somewhat different light.

Audio obtained and released by the celebrity news site TMZ reveals that, according to witnesses, Watts and her boyfriend Brian Lucas, a celebrity chef, were not merely kissing, but were engaged in apparent sexual intercourse in a car — with the door open.

A Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson also gave a similar account to CNN.

“There was an indication on the radio call that a male white and female black were involved in a sexual act inside a Mercedes with the vehicle door open,” said Officer Sally Madera.

On the audio tape, which can be heard below, an officer tells Watts that he is responding to a call about “lewd acts in the car,” but Watts denies it.

“There are no lewd acts in the car,” she tells the officer on the tape.

Witnesses said that Watts was seen in a sexual position astride Lucas’s lap in the passenger seat of the Mercedes while the car door was open, allowing full public view of the scene in the busy neighborhood.

On his own Facebook page, Lucas — who goes by the professional name Cheffy Be*Live — claimed the police thought Watts was a prostitute and that he was her client. The police “saw a tatted RAWKer white boy and a hot bootie shorted black girl and thought we were a HO & a TRICK,” he claimed in a Facebook post.

The American Civil Liberties Union in California advises people who are stopped by police to give drivers license identification information to a police officer who requests it, because refusal to do so could lead to arrest, “even though the arrest may be illegal.”

Lucas claimed that the police released Danièle Watts “quite quickly when they realized we were right outside CBS and that she was a celebrity and I was a celeb chef.”

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