Prince Harry's Birthday: Diana's Son Is Much More Than The 'Black Sheep'

As Prince Harry celebrates his 30th birthday, we take a look at Princess Diana's youngest son, a man who has earned a reputation, thanks to the unforgiving British tabloids. However, the Prince is one of the favorite characters in the royal family for his fun-loving personality.

We only have to look at the fact that Harry decided to tone down his birthday celebrations because of his sister-in-law, Kate Middleton's current condition, to see this young man is so much more than the "black sheep" of the royal family. The Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with her and Prince William's second child and has terrible morning sickness.

Prince Harry, William, and Kate are often seen together at royal engagements and get on very well, so it is not surprising that Harry wanted to tone down things, considering Kate's delicate condition.

Throughout his young life, Prince Harry has been portrayed to be a party animal and as one of the most eligible bachelors in the world, he has given the media, plenty of ammunition to make up stories about his private life. We won't dwell on his romantic conquests or naughty shenanigans, but focus on the other side of the tall, red-headed royal.

The royal family -- especially prior generations -- has not been the most popular with its subjects, because of the perception that they are above them. However, Princess Diana changed all that with her controversial approach. Prince Harry's mother refused to let the Palace rule the way she wanted to raise her children, and she went out of her way to give them a "normal" upbringing.It appears that her efforts and sacrifices paid off with both her boys. Of the two brothers, Prince Harry is the easy going one, perhaps because he doesn't face the responsibility William has, as second in line to the throne. Harry is the "fun uncle" as he called himself following his nephew, Prince George's birth. We can only imagine how much of a good time the two have when they spend time together.

But Harry, despite all his shortcomings, has a very human side, which he probably owes to his mom. In his 30-years, the Prince has served two-tours of duty in Afghanistan -- even though he was threatened by terrorists -- in 2007/2008 and 2012/2013, and has earned the respect of his fellow soldiers, who have nicknamed him Captain Wales.

As a member of the military, Prince Harry has been extremely involved with charities that support the British men and women who serve. Harry is a patron of several organizations of all kinds, but it is apparent that those in uniform hold a very special place in his heart.

In 2013 -- as part of the Walking with the Wounded charity -- Harry became the first member of the royal family to reach the South Pole, after a treacherous trek in sub-zero temperatures. Last week, the Prince presided over the first Invictus Games, a Paralympic-style competition that includes hundreds of wounded veterans.

As the third in line to the throne celebrates his 30th birthday, many around the world are realizing Prince Harry is so much more than the "black sheep" of the royal family. He is a truly caring young man, who is doing the most with his privileged position in life, which has earned him the title "the People's Prince."

[Image via Carfax2/Wikipedia]