Justin Bieber Signs Cody Simpson As His Artist: Plays New Music, Dance Videos

Page Mackinley

Justin Bieber is becoming quite the mogul. Move over David Geffen.

On Tuesday, it was revealed the 20-year-old singer has signed Australian teen star Cody Simpson as an artist, as per an announcement on the fan mobilizing network app Fahlo.

The brief statement came attached to a picture and video of Bieber and Simpson playing guitars, and included a reference to the photographer the pair worked with on a Monday photo shoot.

Bieber wrote: "Great day with Nick Onken and my new artist... Cody Simpson :)"

Justin Bieber Signs Cody Simpson

(Photo: Screenshot of Justin Bieber's Sept. 16 Fahlo announcement that he has signed up Cody Simpson.)

At around the same time, Bieber tweeted news of his Simpson signing to his 54.6 million followers and directed them to the above message on Fahlo.

— Fahlo (@OfficialFahlo) September 16, 2014

— Fahlo (@OfficialFahlo) September 16, 2014

Earlier this month when Cody announced the album, he told Sydney's Daily Telegraph that he had just left Warner/Atlantic Records, but it was too early to "make any announcements just yet" about his new label.

After revealing he had been "trying to do that for a little while," Cody said he was "moving over somewhere else... to find a new home and a new team and a new fresh set of hands on my project, and a vision that matched my own."

It looks as if signing to Bieber's business interest within mutual manager Scooter Braun's Schoolboy Records imprint has done that for the 17-year-old artist.

In real terms it means Justin now has a financial stake in Cody's career, unless the reveal is a publicity gimmick. Which seems unlikely since Bieber doesn't lack visibility.

Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson Photo Shoot

(Photos via Fahlo and Instagram: Bieber and Simpson play it straight and goof around in a photo shoot on Monday.)

Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson In photo shoot

(Photo: The duo with Braun, Onken and another.)

Justin Bieber Has Signed Cody Simpson As An Artist

Bieber reportedly made the same arrangement when he recommended that Braun sign up fellow Canadian Carly Rae Jepsen to Schoolboy Records, after her song "Call Me Maybe" ate up radio around the world in 2012. She later signed a record deal with Interscope, but Braun's label shares contractual rights.

Bieber himself signed a record deal with Island Def Jam Music Group after first signing to Usher and Braun's Raymond Braun Media Group in 2008. Both companies divide royalty rights on Bieber's sound recording copyright and possibly other revenues.

Like Jepsen, and now Simpson, Bieber also has a stake in Madison Beer's career, the 13-year-old he discovered on YouTube and oft-refers to as "my artist."

In July 2012, Justin endorsed Madison's rendition of Etta James' iconic standard "At Last" on Twitter. After Beer signed to Braun via Bieber that same year, she inked a record deal with Island Records last September.

Braun's Schoolboy Records imprint made a special business arrangement with Universal Music Group. It distributes as Republic Records in the States and Universal Music Group in the U.K. Every artist that Braun manages is first signed up to Schoolboy Records before signing deals with (typically) major record companies.

Justin Bieber And Cody Simpson Rehearse (Photo via Fahlo: Bieber and Simpson rehearsing.)

Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson

And it appears promotion for the Biebs and Cody's imminent debut single and duets album is now ramping up.

On Monday, Cody tweeted a picture of a ranch in California, but didn't reveal he and Justin were Blue Steeling on a photo shoot. Early Tuesday, Braun posted exclusives on Fahlo.

— Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) September 16, 2014

— Fahlo (@OfficialFahlo) September 17, 2014

Lyrics in the song snippet include: "My friends / That you don't come with drama... But you're more than worth it / I don't feel that I deserve it."

Justin and Cody: musical partners and pals, are now business associates after the Biebs signed the younger star.

Late Tuesday, Cody revealed he was rehearsing and posted a new snap.

Hours later, Justin tweeted the weeks left until their debut album drops.

— Cody Simpson (@CodySimpson) September 16, 2014

— Cody Simpson (@CodySimpson) September 17, 2014

— Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) September 17, 2014

— Dan Kanter (@dankanter) September 17, 2014