Malaysian MH370 Flight Crash Theory: Pilot Cut Oxygen In Mass Murder-Suicide

What happened to Flight 370? An ex-airline boss and noted journalist think they know what happened to the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, and they have a crash theory: the pilot committed mass murder and suicide on that fateful day.

On March 8, 2014, MH370 lifted off from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing carrying 12 crew members and 227 passengers. And then, the unthinkable happened: the Malaysian commercial jet simply vanished.

Immediately, a number of nations, including the United States, formed a rescue coalition and tried to locate the airliner, to no avail. Days and weeks went by, and despite numerous reports of MH370 wreckage sightings, there has been no confirmed recovery of even an iota of evidence.

As expected, a number of crash theories surfaced: terrorism, mechanical difficulties, and even weather had roles in the disappearance of the Malaysian 370 flight.

Now, two experts are offering a rather bold theory on what downed the aircraft. Journalist Geoff Taylor and former Kiwi Airlines CEO Ewan Wilson co-wrote Goodnight 370: The Truth Behind The Loss of Flight 370. Inside, the two detail a deadly plot by the pilot of the missing plane.

Wilson and Taylor spent four months researching numerous data points collected from the ongoing media coverage, and using their expertise, concluded that only one scenario explains why the Malaysian plane went down: the pilot of MH370 intentionally choked off the oxygen supply in the cabin and activated the auto-pilot feature.

The pair insist that Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 53, likely suffered from a mental illness and wanted to end his life. Therefore, he is believed to have hatched an elaborate plan to lock out the co-pilot while he put his suicide and mass murder scheme into effect. In the end, his plot was successful and the plane crashed into the depths of the Indian Ocean.

Goodnight 370 says that although oxygen masks would have deployed in the passenger compartment, the supply only lasts for 20 minutes, much shorter than that of the cockpit. Therefore, the pilot would have had ample time to navigate the plane on a fatal track into the sea.

Wilson said the crash of Malaysian Flight MH370, based on his theory of suicide, marks a disturbing pattern in which suicidal pilots use airliners as weapons of mass destruction and instruments to claim their own lives, according to Express.

“There is a fundamental desire to ignore the mental health issue in the aviation industry. Our research indicates there have been five previous incidents of murder/suicide in commercial flights over the last three decades or so, accounting for 422 lives. The sad addition of MH370 would bring that number to 661.”

The authors say the pilot was known for his large ego, vanity, and technicality. They believe these personality traits give rise to their belief he methodically planned the crash route (for little or no radar detection, angle (to ensure maximum mortality) and depth of ocean (to delay or prevent discovery of crash site). Shah is also said to have canceled future engagements, which supports the theory of suicide by plane.

“This would have been his final sad act to his family and to the world: ‘find this one’.”

Critics of Wilson and Taylor’s suicide theory say the pair’s findings are not based on fact, only conjecture. Moreover, the conspiracy plot is not based on any tangible evidence.

Breibart pointed out this about the former airline boss.

“[I]t is worth noting that Wilson himself left the aviation industry in disgrace after being convicted of five counts of fraud.”

It’s unknown if the newest Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 crash theories will pan out or assist in locating the remains of the missing aircraft. At a minimum, at this point, family members just want closure.

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