‘Teen Mom’ Chelsea Houska Has A Hot New Boyfriend

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska has finally found love again. According to Radar Online, the MTV personality has a good looking new boyfriend whom she’s been showing off in photos on her social media sites.

Teen Mom fans have watched Chelsea Houska struggle to get over her relationship with the father of her daughter, Adam Lind.

Chelsea and Adam’s relationship has been on-and-off for years, but after Lind got another girlfriend, Taylor Halbur, pregnant, it seems the Teen Mom decided to finally call it quits and move on with her life.

In fact, Chelsea Houska’s life is nearly perfect. The Teen Mom got her cosmetology license, has gotten into great shape, and bought her own house. Now, Chelsea’s dating hunky Sioux Falls, South Dakota traffic control specialist Cole DeBoer.

However, Chelsea Houska is playing it safe this time around. The Teen Mom 2 star is said to be taking the relationship slow, but is very happy with her new man, a source reveals.

“They’re not official, but they’re hanging out. He’s the sweetest guy she’s ever met!”

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer reportedly met at a gas station, and when they ran in to each other a few days after that Cole asked Chelsea for her phone number.

According to an insider close to the Teen Mom, Cole even surprised Chelsea Houska for her 23rd birthday.

“He wasn’t going to be able to come out for her party, but then he showed up! It was very cute.”

Meanwhile, Chelsea Houska’s ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind, is said to making an effort in his parenting of their couple’s young daughter, Aubree, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Unfortunately, the Teen Mom dad has a hefty jail sentence hanging over his head after many, many, traffic violations and a car accident, which nearly took his life, and the lives of an elderly couple.

According to Wet Paint, it’s unclear on whether Chelsea Houska will take daughter Aubree to see her father in jail, but thanks to her work on Teen Mom, it’s not a fact that Chelsea will be able to hide from Aubree for long.

Fans are so happy for Chelsea Houska, and hope that she’s finally found a good man who will treat her and daughter Aubree with great love and respect, because after her drama with Adam Lind the Teen Mom deserves someone to treat her like a queen.

What do you think about Teen Mom Chelsea Houska’s new boyfriend?