Prince Harry Is Anti-Scottish Independence

Prince Harry is lovable, sweet, and everything most any woman would desire, but being pro-Scottish independence is not one of those things.

The fourth in line to the throne (now that Kate Middleton is pregnant, he could get knocked down another spot), the prince and British military officer said that he would like to see Scotland remain a part of the United Kingdom, according to The Telegraph.

Now, he did not directly say that Scotland should remain in the United Kingdom, but was referring to a question about the Invictus Games and where he would like to see them next year. Harry said he would like to see them stay in the United Kingdom before adding an interesting statement about cities in the United Kingdom.

“What do we want to do next year? I personally, along with a couple of other people on the board, would love to keep it in the UK, maybe head north whether it be Glasgow, whether it be Sheffield, whether it be Manchester.”

He went on to say that only the United Kingdom could pull off such a feat as hosting a worldwide sporting event, again a nudge at a desire to see Glasgow not become an independent Scotland’s capitol but instead to remain a principal city within the United Kingdom.

“Only the British could have pulled something like we’ve pulled off something like we’ve pulled off over the last few days… the way that they’ve shown their support, it is what they do best, and long may that last.”

All of this comes as The Wall Street Journal reports that a vote on Scottish independence is coming down to the wire.

According to the paper, politicians from London have been streaming into Scotland as they campaign for a unified island instead of one divided into at least two nations.

The paper also quoted Prince Harry’s grandmother’s comments after church this morning (September 14), in which Queen Elizabeth told a well-wisher that she hopes the Scottish “people will think very carefully about the future.”

The Wall Street Journal also reports that a poll was released on Saturday that still showed a narrow lead for independence, though not over the 50 percent mark and close to the margin of error, meaning the vote in coming days will be a tight one. The poll had 49 percent of respondents supporting independence and 42 percent against it of 705 people polled.

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