Hannah Storm: Ray Rice Video Was ‘Horrific,’ Asks ‘What Exactly Does The NFL Stand For’ [Video]

Hannah Storm was almost moved to tears as she discussed the Ray Rice situation and how she had to discuss the incident with her daughters as a parent.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the Ray Rice video has elicited a wide degree of opinions. Some take the side of Janay Rice, who points out the infamous elevator video was from quite a while ago but only now does the NFL do something since it’s a PR nightmare. Others are upset Rice was ever allowed to stay so long after the incident came to the attention of the NFL months ago. Others take a twisted third route and claim Ray was justified in punching Janay.

Speaking on ESPN, Hannah Storm is the mother of three daughters and a lifelong football fan. She says the Ray Rice video dominated discussions in her home.

“On Monday morning, I was genuinely excited to come to work and break down what I thought was a fascinating first weekend in the NFL. Instead, I kicked off ESPN’s coverage of the horrific Ray Rice elevator video. Meanwhile, one of my daughters has her first fantasy football team this season. But at breakfast this week, instead of discussing how her team was doing, we watched the Ray Rice video play out again, in all its ugliness.

“I spent this week answering seemingly impossible questions about the league’s biggest stars: Mom, why did he do that? Why is he in jail? Why didn’t he get fired? And yesterday: Why don’t they even have control of their own players?

“So here’s a question: What does all of this mean for the future? What does it mean for female fans whose dollars are so coveted by the NFL — who make up an estimated 45 percent of the NFL’s fan base?”

In the end, the “central question” that Hannah Storm asks is this: “What exactly does the NFL stand for?” She believes the NFL should, as an organization, “take the lead on the issue of domestic violence” and finalize what exactly “zero tolerance” means to the NFL.

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