Kanye West's Emergency Hospital Visit Seriously Compromised Other Patients' Privacy

Addam Corré

Kanye West and his celebrity wife Kim Kardashian are in the news once again this weekend. Reports claim that Kim is "really worried" about Kanye's health following an emergency visit he paid to the emergency room of a hospital in Australia.

Even though the rushed MRI scan that Kanye West had confirmed it was nothing more than a bad migraine which had the rapper admitted to the hospital, the procedure was unfortunately at the expense of patients already receiving treatment at the facility.

Belinda James, for example, was scheduled to have an MRI at Melbourne, Australia's Epworth Hospital at the same time that Kanye and Kim showed up with their entourage. According to James, who spoke to Woman's Day magazine, she and other hospital patients' privacy was seriously compromised just so Kanye West could receive privacy himself.

As James told the publication, "At around 2pm on Wednesday I was prepped and waiting to go in for my MRI when his doctor, followed by security came into the MRI ward and demanded that everyone be cleared out."

On top of that, Kanye's personal doctor allegedly told hospital staff that her celebrity patient "would not be following protocol or filling out forms in the main area."

James continued, "There were six security guards adding to the pressure and despite them saying they had rules to follow, his doctor was not taking no for an answer. I had no idea who they were talking about but I knew it was someone big because of all of the security and commotion."

In what can only be described as a scene of chaos, James reported that Kanye's doctors demanded that other patients be removed. James said that everyone had cleared out by the time she had finished her scan.

"Clearly they were not happy with my position because the next minute I was wheeled out in front of the reception desk – so much for my privacy! That's when the doors opened and a stretcher was wheeled in by six security guards in a row shielding him. It was a pretty surreal sight – Kanye was lying on the trolley with something white covering the lower part of his face."

Radar Online reported that Belinda James, who was totally bemused by this point, admits that Kanye West looked "disoriented" and "anxious," but was shocked to hear he performed later that night.

Apparently Kim Kardashian could be heard telling people that she thought her husband might be coming down with the flu, but according to eyewitnesses, the KUWTK star was clearly concerned a whole lot more than she was giving away.