WWE News: NXT Star Tyler Breeze Set To Be Paired On Main Roster With The Miz

WWE has been doing a lot with their NXT developmental system. They have possibly the best developmental roster in their history, and the entire roster is saturated with talent who could be major stars for WWE in the future. One of those men is Tyler Breeze. He portrays a Zoolander type of character that caught on quickly, and due to his ability to impress with his character, plus his in-ring ability, WWE has taken notice of Breeze big time.

Most do not see Breeze holding gold just yet as he has not shown a side to him worthy of such a thing, but as a character, he could be one of the best WWE has had in some time. This could be why WWE is considering the idea of pairing him with WWE Superstar The Miz.

Wrestlezone claims that “Prince Pretty” and Miz could be paired due to similar gimmicks, saying,

“There’s also backstage talk of pairing Tyler Breeze with The Miz since the two have similar gimmicks. Breeze would not likely replace Damien Sandow, but would be added to Miz’s “entourage.”

Due to Sandow being in the group, WWE feels Miz could have some sort of a faction along with Breeze. Sandow has been playing various characters and gimmicks of former and current WWE Superstars in recent weeks. Finally, he was given the “stunt man” gimmick with The Miz. Since Miz is a ‘Hollywood’ performer, he cannot get hurt heading into his match at Night of Champions, of course. His face is too valuable! Creative has had nothing for Sandow for a while, but due to his popularity, he was given a comical gimmick. At least it’s something for him.

Meanwhile, you have a guy like Breeze, who is a legit singles performer. However, if he came up and worked with Miz, people probably could get to see a good side of him.

As I reported yesterday on The Inquisitr, WWE has plans to bring up a number of NXT performers for RAW and SmackDown in the coming weeks. This would be the perfect time as not only are some featured in the WWE 2K15 video game, but this could be the best time to debut them.

The Fall is usually reserved for more debuts as it’s not too close to any major PPV. Survivor Series is the only Big 4 show in the Fall, but it is considered the last of the four. So, WWE likes to see what they can do with young talent heading into a new WWE year.

The Miz

NXT has shown that a lot of talent can come in and kill it day one, but some do need time. A guy like Sami Zayn has been terrific since day one as well as Adrian Neville, but Breeze has been in the developmental system nearly four years as he started with WWE developmental in December of 2010. So, many feel he has more than earned his shot.

He has been ready to go for quite a while, but he has also been a product of the WWE system which obviously makes WWE happy. He might be one of the first from the current NXT group that gets a shot on the main roster because of this. At only 26 years of age, he possibly has the big future ahead of him, and WWE could have him for a long time. Meanwhile, Zayn and Neville are 30 and 28 respectively and have been in the NXT system for a short time. WWE realizes they only have a certain amount of time with them as they are older.

That is possibly the number one reason why we have not seen Breeze on the main roster despite how long he has been in developmental, yet we’ve seen others come up relatively quick. Breeze and Miz could certainly do a lot together, and it would give Breeze something he could do on WWE TV from day one. WWE may not start him with Miz right off as WWE may just do a few matches with NXT guys again like they did last week.

Most expect WWE to do something with Breeze on WWE RAW this week, so we could see something with him and Miz, Until it happens though, we just have to speculate and see if WWE will pull the trigger on it or not. Many fans like Breeze, so he obviously has some heat coming to the main roster.

[IMG Credits: Reddit.com, WWE.com]