Cat Cheats Death After Being Dragged 10 Miles

Cats are said to have nine lives because of their ability to be swift and get out of dangerous situations.

A cat used up one of its nine lives when it survived after being hit by a car and being dragged for 10 miles at 70 mph.

The black and white cat nicknamed Quasimodo lived after the ordeal with only minor burns to both her ears. According to a report from Mirror UK, Stephanie Huber from Switzerland said that she heard a soft thud, but didn’t think that it was anything serious. She continued to drive to her destination in Lucerne.

Little did Huber know that Quasimodo was stuck in the front grill of her Peugeot and she only discovered the presence of Quasimodo when she arrived at her destination.

Huber quickly called the Swiss police to report the incident.

“After hearing that a motorist had struck an animal at 70 mph… we were positive it wouldn’t be alive, especially after then being carried along by the car for another 10 miles. When we found that it had indeed survived, it was a real surprise.”

A vet was called to the scene to help with removing Quasimodo from the front of the car, NY Post reports. Quasimodo’s head was stuck, and the engine’s heat singed the fur on her head and the top of her ears. Veterinarian Nico Kipfer used tranquilizer on Quasimodo so that she could be safely removed from the car without adding more injuries.

Martin Keiser, the owner of the veterinary clinic where Quasimodo was taken, said that he had never heard of “such a remarkable survival story” in his years of being in charge of his vet clinic. Vets at the clinic said that Quasimodo is expected to recover after a few surgeries.

Quasimodo has been adopted by the clinic’s staff until they find out who her owners are.

This isn’t the first time that a cat survived a horrible accident. Just last month, Inquisitr reported about Gizmo, a kitten living in Manhattan who survived a nine-story fall from a building. A cat in Florida named Laurel also survived after being attacked by a group of kids who had BB guns. The veterinarian treating Laurel said that it would cost about $10,000 for the cat’s treatments and they are relying on donations to carry out surgery and an amputation.

[Image via Mirror UK]

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