Man Cooks His Former Lover’s Pet Dog And Feeds It To Her During Romantic Meal

Here’s a story that’ll boil your blood and turn your stomach. A jilted ex who didn’t want to be jilted decided to get his own back by allegedly cooking up his former lover’s pet dog and serving it up to the poor unsuspecting lady during a ‘romantic’ meal.

They may say that revenge is a dish best served cold, but Californian Ryan Watenpaugh would apparently beg to differ.

According to The Mirror, the 34-year-old is alleged to have turned his former girlfriend’s Pomeranian pooch into a dish that he then tenderly served to her.

Now, many of us are familiar with the bunny boiling scene from Fatal Attraction, but cooking up your former lover’s dog and then making them eat it is taking the extremely unhinged and disturbingly psychotic ex-partner thing to a whole other level of deranged insanity.

After allegedly killing the dog, Watenpaugh is said to have cooked it and served it up for his poor unsuspecting lady love to enjoy.

News reports haven’t confirmed how the dog was cooked, what it was served alongside or what type of meat it’s former owner believed she was actually eating, but it has been reported that after the lady in question ate the meal, her former partner sent her a gloating text message bragging about what he had done.

He then proceeded to leave two paws which belonged to the Pomeranian outside his former lover’s home.

Investigators have since revealed that in one message Watenpaugh asked the distressed woman what the dog taste like.

Watenpaugh denies that he killed or cooked the dog, but confessed to sending the disturbing texts and leaving the paws, which he claims belonged to another dog.

Watenpaugh also stands accused of repeatedly beating his partner. During one such attack, the woman claims she left her apartment and upon returning found her beloved cat, named Bear, had gone missing.

After the man and woman had reconciled briefly last week, Sgt Todd Cogle stated that Watenpaugh cooked the woman a meal consisting of her own pet dog and later bragged about it via text messages.

“It set all of us back when we actually read the text messages about the incident.You can really get the sense from reviewing the text messages that the relationship was extremely toxic. It was a pressure cooker of anger and resentment.”

Watenpaugh has since been charged with animal cruelty, domestic violence, stalking and false imprisonment.

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