Watch Washington Redskins Vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Streaming Online Live; Redskins Mascot Still With Us

Watch the Washington Redskins vs. Jacksonville Jaguars streaming online live by following the link at the end of this preview article. Our prediction for the game? We have no idea who will win, but we predict that the Washington Redskins mascot will make it through yet one more NFL game without causing any real damage to anyone.

Despite a lot of noise from activists, the Washington Redskins mascot hasn’t hurt anyone. Unfortunately, no one else on the Washington Redskins team has either. They lost nine straight, stretching back to last year. Fortunately, they’re playing a lackluster 0-1 Jacksonville Jaguars team. This could be their perfect opportunity to avoid dropping 10 straight games.

The Washington Redskins managed only six points in last week’s loss to the Houston Texans, the same score they had in their last game of the season last year. On the bright side, RGIII had moments of brilliance, and his passing game looked better than it did most of last year. He completed 29 passes in 37 attempts for 267 yards. He didn’t exactly shine on his feet, however. The normally elusive dual-threat quarterback was sacked three times and only managed to gain two yards on three carries. The Redskins will need Griffin to be much more effective with his feet if they want to have any chance of making their season on the field more exciting that the squabbling over the Redskins mascot off the field.

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Don’t look for the Jacksonville Jaguars to make it easy for RGIII to get his running game established. While they weren’t overly impressive as a team in last week’s opener, their pass rush kept the game interesting, picking up five sacks.

According to a Yahoo Sports report, Jaguars’ defensive end Red Bryant had this to say about the Redskins quarterback:

“It does seem like Griffin is trying to be more of a pocket passer, like he is trying to stay in the pocket more and he is actually letting the play develop a little bit more. So we’ve just got to do a great job of having the back end and front end working together and try to make it as difficult as possible.”

Don’t let the Redskins mascot controversy keep you from enjoying the game. You can watch the Washington Redskins vs. Jacksonville Jaguars streaming online live here or here.