Elizabeth Hurley Shows Off $100K Engagement Bling

British model and actress Elizabeth Hurley- whose most famous dalliance was with fellow brit and rom-com mainstay Hugh Grant- got engaged over the weekend to Australian cricketer Shane Warne.

In the intervening years since her breakup with Grant, Hurley has hooked up with Hollywood producer Steve Bing- who initially denied paternity of Hurley’s son before DNA tests, in a Maury-like twist, proved otherwise. Hurley later married Indian textile heir Arun Nayar, but that marriage culminated in a divorce that became final in June.

One might think that after all that wrangling, Hurley would be tired of the marriage-divorce-court case cycle, but the celeb hasn’t been put off love or the pursuit of it just yet. Less than five months after the finalization of her divorce, Hurley has promised to wed a new man, 46-year-old Aussie Warne.

The 42-year-old Brit was presented with a stunning piece of bling to make the engagement official- a massive sapphire that came with a corresponding price tag. Jewelry expert Michael O’Connor spoke to Us Weekly about Hurley’s fancy new ring:

“[It’s a] platinum setting with an approximate 9-carat center blue sapphire and a 2-carat Trillion cut diamond on each side,” O’Connor says. “Shane made the right choice by setting the sapphire in platinum, since platinum doesn’t change color or fade – so it symbolizes a relationship that will endure.”

O’Connor continues:

“Shane Warne is clearly a romantic,” O’Connor adds. “Since not only is blue sapphire a favorite of British royalty, but it’s also his birthstone!”

Both Hurley and Warne have been married before, and the couple have been dating for about ten months.