Dog Loses Life Saving 6 Men From Electrocution: Desperate Measures Taken To Warn Commuters

A dog loses her life to save six men from being electrocuted. A snapped electric wire laid in a puddle of water, a deadly scenario. In the process of trying to alert the commuters about the puddle in front of them, the pooch sacrifices her life in order to spare them from the same fate.

Times of India reports that the incident happened on September 3 at the Gummidipoondi-Chennai Central local train station in India. A huge downpour of rain ceased when everything unfolded.

Six commuters were walking together briefly before parting ways for their next destination. In that time, there was a dog barking at them heading in her direction where she knew a dangerous puddle of water was at. The men paid no mind to her warnings and figured she was a stray Indian dog causing a ruckus.

The animal saw that the men had no clue that she was trying to warn them, so she jumped in the puddle and died instantly after being electrocuted. It was immediately after the poor dog’s death that the men realized they almost stepped in the water themselves. They saw there was a live wire that had snapped from an electric line.

Her death was seen as a heroic act and the men quickly understood that she made the ultimate sacrifice for them so they wouldn’t be killed. According to India TV News, they contacted the appropriate authorities to move the wires. They gently lifted the dog’s lifeless body and placed her in a dry spot.

The amazing dog left behind a litter of 10-day-old pups. Residents around the area adopted all of them, but two died.

Dawn Williams, General Manager at Blue Cross, acknowledges the dog’s bravery in saving the six men.

“On Wednesday night, a broken high voltage wire fell in a pool of collected rainwater inside the railway premises. The frantic dog kept barking but people shooed it away. It dashed ahead, jumped in the water, and gave up its life.”

Railway Protection Force Inspector N. Alagar Swamy blocked off the area that was dangerous and he was told by some people that a litter of puppies had been found. Swamy explains that they gave the pups to the Blue Cross.

“When RPF personnel reached the spot, they found a litter of puppies. We rescued them and gave them to Blue Cross.”

Williams at Blue Cross says long after all of the puppies were adopted, they kept receiving calls as word got around about their mother. When a dog loses her life to save human beings the way this canine did, it makes big news — and deservedly so.

[Image via India TV News]

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