Obama Responds To Belgian Prime Minister‘s World-Cup Bet By Sending Crateful Of Beers To Belgian Embassy

The President of the United States, Barrack Obama, may have taken a long-awaited stance to end the ISIS violence, but that doesn’t mean he is all work and no play. Obama recently sent a few crates of beer to the Belgian Embassy.

The reason was simple: The Belgian Prime Minster had openly proclaimed that Belgium will beat the Americans at the FIFA World Cup — and that is precisely what happened. But instead of ignoring the bet, placed via social media platform Twitter, Obama sent a couple of crates of beer to the Belgian embassy.

During the height of World Cup fever back in June, Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo bet President Obama through Twitter that the Belgian soccer team would advance to the World Cup quarter finals by defeating the United States team. Rupo sent a tweet to U.S. President Barack Obama, which said he bets “some great Belgian beers” that the Belgium national squad would make it to the quarter final stage.

The Belgian team and the American team were pitted against each other for the crucial spot in the quarter finals, but it was the Belgians who managed to get ahead by a convincing win. The Belgians won 2-1 against the Americans, reported ABC News. Incidentally, this isn’t the first time Belgium has defeated America.

Interestingly, President Obama never accepted the bet placed by Rupo. Many say he maintained a dignified silence and waited for the outcome to speak for itself, but unfortunately America lost at the hands of the Belgians.

So, instead of continuing to ignore the bet, President Obama apparently accepted the defeat and sent across a couple of crates of Sam Adams, reported I Love Good Beer. He even attached a handwritten note that congratulated the Belgian team on their hard-earned victory. However, President Obama’s spirit is clearly visible in the foot-note.

“See you in 2018”

It seemed that the adventurous American beer was up against the traditional Belgian styles. But eventually the classics won. However, it appears Obama saved a red-face since he hadn’t acknowledged the bet in the first place. Moreover, his gesture of goodwill and sportsmanship is bound to bowl-over the football crazy Belgians.

During the World Cup, Belgium was the bookies’ favorite, and everyone expected them to advance to the quarterfinals. Perhaps realizing the same, Barrack Obama chose to stay mum and wait for the outcome. As fate would have it, America lost, but Obama must have surely won the hearts with his gesture.

[Image Credit | Pete Souza]

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