Ryan Watenpaugh Dog: Man Cooks, Feeds Pomeranian Dog To Ex-Girlfriend?

Police arrested a California man Friday for allegedly cooking his ex-girlfriend’s Pomeranian dog and serving it to her without her knowledge.

Ryan Watenpaugh is behind bars on a number of charges stemming from ongoing problems with his former lover, who is not being named because she claims to be a victim of domestic violence.

The woman says she and Watenpaugh dated off and on for a while, but their relationship was strained by ongoing issues that erupted in arguments and violence on occasion.

One such incident allegedly took place on August 4 when the woman, the owner of a Pomeranian dog, was held by Ryan Watenpaugh against her will. She managed to escape out the backdoor of her apartment in Redding and suffered a number of injuries in the process. However, when she returned later, both the man and her dog named Bear were gone.

A little more than a month later, the pair tried to reconcile and Watenpaugh offered her an olive branch by preparing a dinner for her. Later, she received a series of disturbing texts that would make most sick at the stomach.

If true, it explains what happened to her missing companion: Ryan Watenpaugh cooked the dog and served it to her. Reportedly, one of the texts referenced the meal he prepared for her earlier, wrote a USA Today report.

The taunting didn’t stop there. Watenpaugh continued to send her threatening messages, one that explained how he would dispose of the dog’s remains: returning its paws back to her apartment. And it appears he made good on his threats.

Tuesday (September 9), after midnight, the woman reported hearing what sounded like a truck pulling up to her residence. She looked out her window and saw her ex placing something at her door and then walking away. She looked outside when he left, collected the package, and returned inside, only to find the paws of her dog in the bag.

Police were called and began their investigation of the woman’s allegations. They met with Ryan Watenpaugh about dog. And while he admitted placing the paws on the porch and sending the text messages, he denied having anything to do with killing, cooking, and serving the animal to the unsuspecting woman.

Watenpaugh faces a number of felony charges for the dog-cooking incident, domestic violence, animal cruelty, and possible weapons violations.

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