Starbucks Stimulating Job Growth With Customer Donations

Starbucks has a new plan to stimulate job growth. The Seattle coffee company is going to start asking for donations after they ring you up for its new jobs creation program, “Jobs for USA.”

The “Jobs for USA” program will begin on November 1st. Starbucks will be collecting donations of $5 or more in order to help stimulate job growth in the United States. Starbucks said that 100% of the money raised will go to firms and organizations that can create jobs.

According to ABC, Starbucks Foundation will be giving $5 million to get the fund started. Starbucks didn’t say how much they expect to raise, but with 7,000 stores nationwide, their collection bucket will be put in front of thousands of people everyday.

Starbucks will be working with the Opportunity Finance Network in order to create more jobs around the United States. The Opportunity Finance Network works with hundreds of financial institutions that give loans to low-income communities. ABC reports that the organization, which was created 27 years ago, has created nearly 300,000 jobs through 2009.

Starbucks will be covering the administrative costs of the Opportunity Finance Network so that all of the money donated will go toward job creation.

Howard Schultz, Starbucks Corp.’s CEO, has expressed his disappointment with the US economy frequently over the last several years, and says that he feels responsible to do all he can to stimulate job growth. Starbucks is currently hiring a bout 200 employees a day as they hope to add 200 more locations in the next year.

Do you think Starbucks job creation fund will make a difference?

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