Alicia Keys Turns New Song Into Viral Hashtag #WeAreHere – Here’s Why It’s Inspiring!

Alicia Keys has proven yet again that she is a powerhouse of female empowerment with a new song, “We Are Here” that quickly turned into a viral hashtag and inspirational movement.

At first, the song “We Are Here” was debuted through a Facebook and Twitter post on Alicia’s official page.

The actual music video was then made available online, and as is the case with many other Alicia Keys songs that we have heard other the years), this is a song of empowerment and inspiration.

After performing the song earlier this week on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, she was able to share a few inspirational words about how she came up with the concept for the song.

However, if you pay close attention, you will also hear her explain the meaning behind the movement as she encourages all viewers to take part in asking themselves, “Why am I here?

It definitely did not take long for the inspirational movement to get started. Even though there were many positive comments about the actual song itself, it seems as if the hashtag #WeAreHere went viral specifically because of people following the lead of Alicia Keys and showcasing through their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages exactly why they feel they are here.

Alicia Keys herself was able to get things started with her own tweeted picture that simply showed her holding up a sign that said “I AM HERE FOR YOU” and then tags her husband, Swizz Beatz, to provide his own response.

It kind of took off from there, with more and more people adding their own responses to this continuous stream of #WeAreHere messages inspired by the one and only Alicia Keys. There have been quite a few celebrities and musicians that have responded to this “challenge” offered by Alicia Keys, including:

Madonna even had a chance to put her own explicit spin on the #WeAreHere movement. It might not be exactly what Alicia Keys was going for when she initially issued the challenge, but she did ask for honesty, right? But, more importantly, ordinary people are joining forces with these celebrities in order to proudly display why they feel that they are here as well. Twitter has basically exploded with #WeAreHere messages and pictures, many of them mentioning and crediting Alicia Keys for starting this movement in the first place.

There are literally tens of thousands of #WeAreHere picture posts on Instagram alone that have been generated since Alicia Keys first issued this challenge.

As Alicia Keys stated in the video above, with all of the hatred and negativity that seems to be overflowing within the press and media these days, it can be very therapeutic for us to take a moment just to focus on why we are here.

Thank you again, Alicia Keys, for using the power of music to stimulate the power of our minds and hearts. We look forward to your next album and the birth of your second child.

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