Prosecutor Who Let Ray Rice Off The Hook Demands Jail Time For Single Mom Licensed Gun Owner

The New Jersey prosecutor who allowed Ray Rice to enter a pre-trial intervention program to avoid jail time won’t do the same for licensed gun owner Shaneen Allen who faces a minimum of three years behind bars.

As the entire planet knows, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punched his now wife in the face in an Atlantic City casino elevator, which has led to a huge scandal in the NFL and the possible dismissal of Commissioner Roger Goodell after the player was originally only suspended for two games.

Moreover, Atlantic County prosecutor James McClain agreed to send Rice, who played college football at Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey, to a diversion program for first-time offenders instead being put on trial for aggravated assault. New Jersey lawmakers have since called for an investigation into how the Ray Rice case was handled.

Last October, police pulled over Philadelphia single mom Allen for a routine traffic violation in nearby South Jersey. After she was stopped, Allen told the officer that she was a concealed carry permit holder, which she presented, and had a pistol in the car. She wound up being taken in custody for unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition. Allen was unaware that despite their proximity, Pennsylvania and New Jersey lacked reciprocity when it comes to gun licensing. Prosecutor McClain has refused to drop the charges against Shaneen Allen despite what is being called an honest mistake.

National Review Online summarizes the situation that Shaneen Allen now finds herself in:

“A single mother of two young children, Allen works more than one job and as a result leaves her home at odd times of the day. After two robberies made her aware of her vulnerability, she became convinced that she should be prepared to defend herself and her family, and resolved to do something about it. Which is to say that Allen bought her firearm, and obtained her concealed-carry permit, not to commit crimes but to prevent them. This has failed to move the prosecutor, Jim McClain, an overzealous man who has routinely declined to use the considerable latitude with which he has been entrusted by the state.”

Shaneen Allen gun license

The Shaneen Allen legal defense fund website explains, “Allen never pointed the firearm at anyone, never threatened anyone, never removed the firearm from her car or even out of the purse in the backseat. Nonetheless, she is charged with unlawful possession of a handgun and unlawful possession of hollow nose bullets. Atlantic County is prosecuting her fully.”

Noting that the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, supersedes any state law, law professor Glenn Reynolds argued in USA TODAY that Congress should take action and make a state law violation only resulting in a monetary penalty:

“Shaneen Allen wasn’t committing gun violence, and civilians with gun permits are a very law-abiding bunch, who have passed a background check and undergone training; no sensible state would want to discourage them from visiting. While the courts have recognized that gun ownership is a normal, protected American activity, gun owners face a patchwork of laws that in many states impose Draconian penalties on people if, like Allen, they make an honest, harmless mistake. Under the Constitution, Congress has the power to protect civil rights via legislation, and this seems like a good subject for action. I would suggest a law providing that when people who may legally own guns under federal law are charged with possessing or carrying them in violation of state law, the maximum penalty should be a fine of no more than $500. This would allow states a reasonable degree of regulation, without subjecting individuals to life-ruining consequences just because some politico wants to make a point.”

Do you think apparently otherwise law-abiding citizen Shaneen Allen is getting a raw deal as compared to alleged wife beater Ray Rice? Watch an NRA video about the Shaneen Allen case (taking into consideration that the NRA obviously strongly supports gun rights) and draw your own conclusions.

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