Tebow’s New Team: ‘Good Morning America’ Anoints Former NFL QB Tim Tebow For ‘Motivate Me Monday’

Tim Tebow is about to start a new gig. The former National Football League quarterback has signed on as a contributor to Good Morning America.

According to the Washington Post, Tebow’s segment “Motivate Me Monday” will debut on September 15.

A statement on the ABC News blog said the series will “[feature] individuals and their amazing stories of triumph.” Tebow will shoot the series across the country and live in studio.

Tebow has become an inspirational figure for some, as he often expresses his strong Christian values. FaithHub calls Tebow “the most outspoken Christian of his generation” and lists the quarterback’s top five spiritual quotes.

“You and I were created by God to be so much more than normal… Following the crowd is not a winning approach to life. In the end it’s a loser’s game, because we never become who God created us to be trying to be like everybody else.”

Tebow has had a lot of free time on his hands since he was cut by the New England Patriots before the 2013 season started. As reported in The Inquisitr, his football career hasn’t exactly panned out.

“Despite staying in playing shape and waiting by the phone, Tebow never got a call even as other teams lost starting quarterbacks due to injury. Instead he saw 40-something Jon Kitna called into action by the Dallas Cowboys and a group of other re-treads including Matt Flynn shuffle around the league.”

Tebow played for three years in the NFL before becoming a free agent, and it seems fans have not forgotten his time in the league. According to ESPN, Tebow is a popular quarterback in their fantasy football league. According to reports, Tebow has been drafted to 1.3 percent of their fantasy teams, ahead of some quarterbacks who are actually on the roster this season.

The Star-Ledger writer Charles Curtis said that Tebow’s popularity in the fantasy league could mean fans are still hoping the quarterback will play this season.

“Maybe that 1.3 percent of you think an NFL team will magically pick him up and suddenly insert him into the starting lineup and that he’ll actually have enough success to be relevant in fantasy,” Curtis said.

However, with Tebow’s new Good Morning America deal, it seems increasingly unlikely that he will play this season.

Tebow has also committed to commentating on ESPN’s SEC Network. Tebow’s colleague, Joe Tessitore, told Sports Illustratedabout Tebow’s enthusiasm for broadcasting.

“I know when Tim states a goal he stays the course, so I understand why he firmly expresses fulfilling his NFL dreams… I also know that he loves this SEC Nation job with us. I know he considers us his team. I know that he has told our producers that he wants constant feedback, he wants to be coached, and he wants to be great at TV.”

[Photo source: TimTebow.com]

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