WWE News: Kurt Angle Brands Himself A ‘WWE Guy’ And Discusses Career, Does Not Say It Will Be In TNA

Fans of professional wrestling have been reminiscing on how Kurt Angle was in the WWE as of late. Back then, he came on the scene promoting his three “I’s” which stood for intensity, integrity and intelligence. Later on, he’d simply guarantee to anyone facing him that he’d break their ankle with the infamous “tap or snap” line. Of course, he’d back it up in which he’d be the only wrestler known to “unofficially” make the legendary Undertaker tap out. Check out the video below and decide for yourself.

So Kurt Angle surely has plenty of achievements and accolades in the WWE outside of being a heavyweight champion in the WWE six times (including WCW heavyweight title during Invasion Angles). However, the reason fans are reminiscing on Kurt Angle’s WWE career is because the internet is abuzz with his possible return. After a lengthy run in TNA, there are numerous articles on this such as Sports World News, which reported Kurt Angle’s appearance on Ring Rust Radio in which he considered himself more of a WWE guy, because that is where he started.

“What I would label myself? You know you always go back to where you started. He’s a WCW guy and even Sting in WWE now will always be remembered as a WCW guy. So I can’t say I’m a TNA guy obviously. WWE is where I started, and Vince McMahon made me who I am and gave me the opportunity but I’ve had a better career in TNA. Now a lot of WWE fans might not believe that or they may have never seen me wrestle in TNA but the matches I’ve had in TNA were actually better than the matches I had in WWE.”

Besides discussing his perception of himself to the WWE, he even talked about his TNA contract and if he’d either re-new or go somewhere else, which most wrestling fans hope is the WWE for his final farewell before retirement.

“Well right now I’m not at liberty to say where I’m going but I will tell you I’m going to do the right thing for me and my family. I am in the process of structuring a deal and I do have a company in mind. I haven’t said yes because I want to make it a public thing with the company and myself. I can’t really say who it is or where I’m going but I can tell you it’s going to happen in the next two weeks before my contract is even up. I won’t be wrestling until January, but there will be a signing in the next couple of weeks.”

Now the above words from Kurt Angle doesn’t necessarily mean a guaranteed return to the WWE though we here at Inquisitr reported that Vince McMahon is taking a second look at that. But it should be reported that WWE seems to be promoted somewhat more in this interview than TNA. The fact that Kurt Angle did not outright say he would remain in TNA may cause some people to wonder, but it too can just be a promotional tool to keep himself relevant and fans guessing.

What do you think about Kurt Angle’s interview on Ring Rust Radio? Do you think his words are an omen to his return to the WWE or is he simply keeping fans second-guessing so that they can anticipate his next move, either in the WWE or TNA? Please let us know in the comments below.

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