Andrew Garfield Claims The Best Parts Were Cut From ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’

Andrew Garfield, the web shooting hero that has embodied the role of Spider-Man for Marvel’s reboot, was not pleased with The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It’s not a secret that critics and fans were left underwhelmed, that much is known, but we didn’t really know what Garfield thought about it.

Usually with these big blockbusters, an actor will show up to promote the film, walk the red carpet, and grin and bear it. Only until later you might hear what the actor really thought of the film. Garfield though isn’t one of those actors that hides his thoughts. While he did promote the film, he wasn’t exactly happy with the finished product.

Garfield let it be known that he was not fully supporting The Amazing Spider-Man 2 during an interview with The Daily Beast. According to the actor, executives at Columbia decided to leave out a whole arc that saw a much more fulfilling story line.

Of the arc Garfield said, “Once you start removing things and saying, ‘No, that doesn’t work,’ then the thread is broken, and it’s hard to go with the flow of the story. Certain people at the studio had problems with certain parts of it, and ultimately the studio is the final say in those movies because they’re the tentpoles, so you have to answer to those people.”

He continued, “But I’ll tell you this: Talking about the experience as opposed to how it was perceived, I got to work in deep scenes that you don’t usually see in comic book movies, and I got to explore this orphan boy—a lot of which was taken out, and which we’d explored more.”

Earlier, The Inquisitr reported that the the Sinister Six movie may not even feature Garfield as people once believed. During an interview, Garfield said, “I know more than I’m allowed to say right now. I can say I’m really excited about Drew Goddard, who’s going to be writing and directing The Sinister Six movie. And whether I’m involved in that or not is kind of immaterial.”

The only thing that seems certain is The Amazing Spider-Man 3 will feature Garfield as he is already contracted to star in that film. Recently it’s been rumored that Garfield’s real life girlfriend Emma Stone might be reprising her role as Gwen Stacy, but so far that’s just talk.

As for other projects on the actor’s plate, it seems like some of his most fulfilling work is coming out soon. Currently he has a real estate drama called 99 Homes waiting to be released.

[Image via Marvel]