Some Baltimore Ravens Fans Share Assault Experiences, Still Support Ray Rice

Even though Ray Rice has been suspended indefinitely from the NFL for assaulting his wife, Janay Palmer, there are many Baltimore Ravens fans that still support him and have plans to hang onto their jerseys.

According to a report from USA Today, female fans of the Baltimore Ravens opened up about their experiences with assault just before the team faced division rival Pittsburgh Steelers. One of those was LaTonya Jones, who wore her Ray Rice jersey to the Ravens game at M&T Bank Stadium on Thursday.

Jones left her husband after he struck her. But when it comes to the former Baltimore Ravens player, she stands behind him, and she has no plans to get rid of her jersey.

"I'm keeping my jersey. I'm not going to trade it in."
Jones added that she didn't like the way the situation was handled.
"I don't agree with how they went from a two-game suspension to ending this man's career. This is someone's livelihood. He has a family. I don't condone fighting because I don't think anybody should punch anybody, but they should not have took [sic] that man's job away."
Baltimore Ravens Fan LaTonya Jones
Baltimore Ravens Fan LaTonya Jones Wears Her Ray Rice Jersey Outside Of M&T Bank Stadium

Jones mentioned that this situation isn't anybody's business, other than the people it concerns. And she believes that there are some other Baltimore Ravens players who may have done something similar, but weren't caught like Rice.

"We shouldn't be involved in their personal life. I'm sure there are some players on that team today, and they're still playing and just because they weren't filmed, they can still play and he can't. It's not right."
Another Baltimore Ravens fan, Robin Manahan, was a victim of assault, too, but she wasn't afraid to wear one of the three Ray Rice jerseys she owns.
"I absolutely 100 percent support him; I do. It had nothing to do with his job. He should not have lost his job. I'm supporting him all the way around. I think he's an awesome guy; I think he's an upstanding guy; and I think he's an awesome football player."
Maria Pirovolikos wasn't wearing a Ray Rice jersey, since she doesn't own one. But she also spoke highly of the former Baltimore Ravens player.
"I think whatever happened in that elevator happened in February and should have been done in February. I've met the guy. He's such a sweet guy; he never said no when I asked for pictures or an autograph or anything."
Christina Burke is a Baltimore Ravens season-ticket holder who was also wearing a Rice jersey, according to ESPN. She would like to see the football star get another chance.
"I still support Ray Rice. I just don't believe one action or mistake should define a person."
For the Baltimore Ravens fans who plan on getting rid of their jerseys, one place in Baltimore is offering people free pizza in exchange. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Hersh's Pizza and Drinks is allowing Baltimore Ravens fans to trade in their Ray Rice jersey for a free pizza. In addition, the restaurant will donate $2.70 to House of Ruth Maryland, a non-profit organization that aides assault victims, mainly women and children.

If you are a Baltimore Ravens fan, are you defending Rice?

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