WWE: Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts’ Health Not Good Enough For Comic-Con Montreal

The latest WWE news has Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ health slowly returning to normal, but his fight with cancer is just beginning again and he says he’s not feeling well enough to handle an event like Comic-Con Montreal.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Jake the Snake’s cancer battle was seemingly won this past summer after doctors declared him cancer free. Roberts had surgery on his knee back in the spring, and his overall health had improved, plus his lawyers say he was no longer having issues with drugs or alcohol. When his latest health scare occurred, doctors were worried about him possibly having cancer of the brain, but it turns out the tumor is apparently in his chest this time around.

Upon leaving the hospital, Jake immediately went to a Future Stars of Wrestling training school last week with Sinn Bodhi. He seemed upbeat about his prospects, saying that “if you can beat drug addiction, you can beat cancer.” Jake was feeling and looking much better than just the weekend before and stayed for almost two hours. Unfortunately, he might have been pushing himself a little too hard since he helped train the students and ran the ropes himself. Reports claim he had no problems and he let the students know exactly how he felt after putting them through the drills.

Earlier today, Jake the Snake took to his Twitter account to give his fans the latest health update.

“Wow, what a scary couple of weeks. So appreciative to be alive & on the mend. Thank u all for the love and support. I will keep you posted,” he wrote. “Need a bit more time to recover. I will be back to normal & out there thanking all of you for the kindness and support in a couple weeks.”

Part of the reason Roberts suffered from the pneumonia scare was that he kept on working himself hard, even after his doctor told him he needed to be resting. Apparently Jake the Snake realized that perhaps some downtime was a good idea since he also announced a change in his busy schedule.