Hugh Laurie Tweet Suggesting Religion And Reason Are Incompatible Draws Ire

It’s no secret that Hugh Laurie is an atheist, but a tweet from Wednesday has many bristling at the actor. Essentially, Laurie suggested that reasoned thought is rare from the religious.

It’s not Laurie’s first anti-religion tweet, either. Back in June, he tweeted about his annoyance with religion.

However, the exhortation was not unprompted. Laurie fairly frequently uses emphatic phrases such as “good Lord,” “thank God,” and things of that nature, and he’s been called out for it on occasion.

This week’s tweet was clearly a reaction to those who have questioned Laurie’s use of phrases that use words like “God” or “Lord.” However, it still angered a number of followers, and several called Hugh out on the claim.

Perhaps a large number of Laurie’s followers, though, are fans of his character on House, MD. The controversial tweet sounds similar to some of the character’s quotes. Compare it to these Gregory House quotes from IMDB.

Rational arguments don’t usually work on religious people. Otherwise there would be no religious people

Religion is a symptom of irrational belief and groundless hope.

So, was Laurie channeling House? Probably not. Celeb Atheists includes Hugh Laurie on their list of prominent nonbelievers, and points out that as early as 2006, he said in an interview that he shared the character’s disdain for religion.

So while Hugh Laurie may be rejoining the ranks of celebrities who offend on Twitter (he’s done it before), it’s unlikely he’ll follow in the recent footsteps of Stephen A. Smith and Richard Dawkins by continuing to over-explain himself repeatedly, digging deeper all the while (this time, anyway).

[photo credit: Buou via photopin cc]